Bede's Queens
Book Chapter Page Name Husband(s) Parents Sister(s) Brother(s) Children characteristics notes
1. 1 18 Picts uxores, de feminea regum prosapia kings from female royal line
1. 8 36 Helena Constantius Constantine concubina Helena AD 306
1. 25 72 Bertha Aethelberht Charibert, K of Paris Eadbald, Aethelburh uxorem Christianam prayed at ancient church of St. Martin in Canterbury
1. 27 88 woman pregnans mulier, mulier Aug's 8th question
1. 27 78n1 Brunhild Gregory writes her to instruct consecration of Augustine; not in text
2. 3 142 Ricula Aethelberht Saeberht soror East Saxon sister of K. Aethelberht of ES at London
2. 4 148 MARY sanctae Dei genetricis Pope Boniface turns Pantheon into St Mary's and Martyrs, 609ad
2. 5 150 Bertha Aethelberht Charibert, K of Paris Eadbald Berctae regina (condita est), uxorem patris B is buried in P&P church S Martin chapel next to King, married her son (?)
2. 6 154 woman Eadbald conubio non legitimo Bishop Lawrence scourged, K. Eadbald gives up illegal wife
2. 6 156 MARY sanctae Dei genetricis church in St. Peter's built by K Eadbald
2. 9 162-4 Aethelburh Edwin Aethelberht Eadbald Eanflaed conjugem … filia, virgo, regina (p 164) also called Tate, lengthy story about her
2. 9 164 Eanflaed Aethelburh, Edwin filia regi daughter of Queen Aethelburh
2. 11 172-4 Aethelburh Edwin Aethelberht Eadbald Eanflaed conjugem, filia, regina Letter of Pope Boniface to Queen Aethlburh
2. 12 180-1 queen Raedwald regina persuades K Raedwald not to give Edwin up to his enemies
2. 14 186-7 Cwenburh Edwin Ceorl, K of Mercia Osfrith, Eadfrith filia, regina Mentioned after Edwin's death w/resp to her children
2. 14 186-7 Aethelthryth Ecgfrith, Tondberht Edwin, Cwenburh Osfrith, Eadfrith, Aethelhun, Uscfrea filia mentioned ina list of children of Q. Cwenburh
2. 15 190-1 woman Raedwald uxor his queen, seduced Raedwald from Christianity
2. 16 192-3 woman mulier (proverbial) Mulier with a new-born could walk unharmed in Edwin's kingdom
2. 20 202-3 women mulier / muliebri (adj) Penda killed women and children
2. 20 204-5 Aethelburh Edwin regina, matertera (aunt, 3.8) taken by Paulinus to Kent
2. 20 204-5 Eanflaed Aethelburh Uscfrea filia taken by Paulinus to Kent
3. 5 226-7 women feminae (religiosi) women and men instructed by Bishop Aiden
3. 5 228-9 mother mater (proverbial) discretion is the mother of all virtues
3. 6 230-1 Bebbe Aethelfrith regina Bamburgh named after Queen Bebbe (again at III,16, 263)
3. 6 230-1 Acha Edwin Oswald sorore King Oswald nephew of Edwin through E's sister Acha
3. 7 232-3 Cyneburh Oswald K. Cynegisl filia, coniunx unnamed, mentioned as furutre wife of King Oswald
3. 7 232-3 woman Cenwealh Penda soror repudiated wife, innamed, of K. Cenwealh, son of K. Cynegisl
3. 7 234-5 woman Cenwealh uxor unnamed wife of K. Cenwealh after previous repudiated wife
3. 8 236-7 Eorcengota Eorcenberht filia, virgo, abbatissa, sponsa Christi neice of Aethelthryth et al, abbess of Faremoutier-en-Brie, buried in St. Stephens; lots p 239-41, own death revealed to her
3. 8 238-9 daughters filias, sponsas daughters of many in Britain sent to Frankish monasteries (listed)
3. 8 238-9 Saethryth Anna filia uxoris (vs. filia naturalis) step-daughter of K. Anna (daughter of Aethelburh, Anna's own daughter??)
3. 8 238-9 Seaxburh Eorcenberht Anna Athelthryth, etc Eorcengota filia, uxor Queen of Kent (K. Eorcenberht), mother of saint
3. 11 246-7 Osthryth Aethelred regina Merciorum Oswald's neice (by brother Oswiu), murdered by her Mercian nobles 697
3. 11 246-7 Aethelhild Athelwine & Ealdwine abbatissa venerabilis
3. 15 260-1 Eanflaed Oswiu Edwin coniuga, filia, virgina (mater, 3.24), regina (3.24, 25) Aidan gets her from Kent via Bishop Utta (but see II.20, 204)--neice of Queen Emma (King Eadbald)
3. 21 278-9 Alhflaed Peada Oswiu, Eanflaed Aelfflaed Alhfrith, Ecgfrith filia, virgina, coniugis? Penda's son Peada asks for her hand, he must convert to Christianity. Not the same daughter as Aelf-flaed / Peada murdered by his coniugis (3.24)
3. 23 288-9 MARY Cedd builds stone church in monastery of Lastingham ded. To Mary
3. 24 290-1 Aelfflaed Oswiu, Eanflaed Alhflaed Alhfrith, Ecgfrith filia, regis filia, virgina, sponsa promised by Oswiu to God if he wins over Penda; entered Hartlepool under Hild
3. 24 290-1 Cynewise ? regina perhaps Oswiu's queen, held hostage in Mercia by Penda
3. 25 296-7 Eanflaed Oswiu Edwin regina (see 3.15); keeps Easter the Roman way while the king kept it the Irish way--2 Easters a year
3. 25 298-9 Hild abbatissa Council of Whitby, Hild defends the Irish side
3. 29 320-1 Eanflaed Oswiu Edwin coniugi, filia spiritali Letter from Pope Vitalian to Oswiu, send his wife (unnamed) cross with golden key made from fetters of Peter & Paul, priases her fragrant works of piety
4. 1 328-9 women virginae convent of women to whom Andrew, possible substitute for Hadrian, was attached
4. 3 338-9 Aethelthryth regina Owine, monk and chief of her officers and head ]princeps] of her household, travels with her from East Angles
4. 6 354-5 Aethelburh Eorcenwold soror, mater, nutrix mentioned as sister of Eocenwold, Bishop of London, given a monastery (Barking) for feminarum
4. 7 356-7 women soror, virgina (4.8) nuns of Barking
4. 8 358-9 Eadgyd virgina One of the nuns of Barking (in a story about a 3 y-o boy named Aesica)
4. 8 358-9 puella puella One of the nuns of Barking, dies in the plague, speaks several lies about a light
4. 9 359-60 Torhtgyth soror Sees a vision of golden cords pulling souls into Heaven, foresees Aethelburh's death
4. 9 359-60 femina femina sanctimonialis of a noble family, paralyzed, asks dead Aethelburh for respite, then dies
4. 10 362-3 Hildelith abbatissa Abbess of Barking, translated the bones of the nuns to the church of Mary
4. 10 362-3 MARY Curch of Mary at Barking
4. 10 362-3 uxor uxor wife of a local gesith who regains her sight at the cemetery of the nuns of Barking
4. 10 364-5 puellae puellae girls/maids who carry the gesith's wife to Barking cemetery
4. 11 364-5 queen Sebbi coniugis Wife of King Sebbi (E Saxons), obstinate (obstinatus) won't let king go into monastery
4. 13 372-3 Eabbae Aethelwealh Eanfrith regina Queen of the West Saxons, king baptized by Wilfrid, she already baptized in Hwicce
4. 13 374-5 slaves ancillas baptized by Wifrid, 250 male and female (servos et ancillas), manumitted
4. 16 382-3 sister Wilfrid soror mentioned as sister of Wilfrid, mother of Beornwine, who took control of Wilfrid's holdings in I of Wight
4. 19 390-1 Aethelthryth Seaxburh coniuga, filia, uxor, consortio, virgina, regina, connubia, femina, abbatissa, mater, sponsa Bede calls her "regina ac sponsa Christi" in 4.20
4. 19 392-5 Seaxburh Eorcenberht Aethelthryth K. Hlothhere of Kent soror, abbatissa Queen of Kent, translates Aeth's body, gets men to take old stone coffin from Cambridge
4. 19 396-7 virgines wash Aethelthryth's body
4. 20 396-401 saints list of saints in Bede's hymn: Virgin Mary, Agatha, Eulalia, Thecla, Euphemia, Agnes, Cecilia
4. 23 404-5 Hild K. Hereric, Breguswith abbatissa, filia, femina, ancella, mater first woman in Nhum to take religious vows, Ab.Hartlepool, Wear, then Whitby, sapientia
4. 23 406-7 Hereswith K. Hereric, Breguswith K. Ealdwulf of E. Angles soror sister of Hild
4. 23 410-1 Breguswith Hereric Hild, Hereswith mater has a dream of a necklace, representativeof Hild's light
4. 23 412-3 servants ancellis Christi, famula (4.26) attend to Hild on her deathbed
4. 23 412-3 Begu femina, virgina, soror sees vision of Hild's soul ascend to Heaven
4. 23 412-3 Frigyth virgina temporary abbess of Whitby who hears Begu's vision
4. 23 414-5 virgina virgina, ancella another withness to Hild's ascent, unnamed
4. 24 420-1 virgins monasterium virginum describes Coldingham (home ot Adamnan)
4. 25 424-5 Aebbe mater congregationis, abbatissa hears Adamnan's vision about the burning of Coldingham
4. 25 424-5 virgins virgines, sponsae nuns who imperil themselves by weaving garments to adorn themselves as if they were brides
4. 26 428-9 Aelfflaed Eanflaed (see 3.24)
5. 3 460-1 Hereburh Cwenburh abbatissa Abbess of Watton, recieves Bishop John of Hexham; has a daughter
5. 3 460-1 Cwenburh Hereburh puella, virgina sick unto death with swollen arm (bled on 4th day of moon); saved by Bishop John of Hexham
5. 4 462-3 coniunx Puch coniunx, mulier Wife of comes Puch, healed by Bishop John of Hexham
5. 4 462-3 socrum socrum mother-in-law of St. Peter (Mt 8:14-15), comparanda to Puch's wife
5. 7 472-3 feminae feminae willing to be pilgrims (viri ac feminae)
5. 11 486-7 Bliththryth Pippin conjuga Wife of Pippin, father of Charles Martel, gives Willibrord an island in the Rhine (Kaiserswerth)
5. 11 486-7 CECELIA Church in Utrecht where Willibrord is made Bishop of the Frisians
5. 12 488-9 uxor uxor, conjuga wife of Dryhthelm who dies and comes back to life
5. 12 492-3 femina femina a woman in hell in Dryhthelm's vision
5. 16 508-9 MARY sancta Maria Church in Jerusalem over Christ's manger
5. 16 508-9 HELENA mater found the Cross
5. 17 512-3 wives feminae wives of the partiarchs, their tombs described
5. 19 516-7 wife Offa uxor mentioned as having been left by Offa when he took holy orders
5. 19 518-9 Eanflaed (see 3.15) Sends Wilfrid to her cousin Eorcenerht, King of Kent
5. 19 520-1 virgina virgina, coniuga offered to Wilfrid, but he chooses the Church
5. 19 520-1 Baldhild regina orders Bishop Dalfinus of Gaul to be executed, Wilfrid spared
5. 19 526-7 MARY genetrix, virgina intercedes on Wilfrid's behalf in Gaul, so says Archangel Michael in a vision to W; church in which W is buried (5.20, p. 530)
5. 24 564-5 Eanflaed filia (see 3.15) mentioned in Bede's final chronicle recapitulation an.626
5. 24 564-5 Hild abbatissa An. 680 in chronicle recap
5 24 564-5 Osrthryth           regina An 697 in chronicle recap