Open Positions

We are currently looking for creative and self-motivated graduate students to join our lab. Potential candidates must be enthusiastic about research and should have solid background in electromagnetics, nanofabrication, or optoelectronics. Prior research experience in a related field would be a plus. Interested candidates should email their CV and a brief description of their interests to Prof. Arbabi (

Our paper has been published in Nanophotonics. We present an intuitive universal model for resonators interacting with freely propagating waves and introduce a subwavelength high-Q resonator that can be readily and efficiently excited by fee-space illumination.

We welcome Ayyoub and Maryam to the lab.

Our work on polarization conversion by bilayer metasurfaces is pulished in Advanced Optical Materials.

Congratulations to Mahsa for successfully defending her thesis!

Congratulations to Mahdad for successfully defending his thesis!

Our work on designing large-scale metasurfaces using adjoint optimization is pulished in ACS Photonics.

Congratulations to Mahdad for successfully defending his thesis proposal!

Our work on metasurface multispectral imagers is pulished in Science Advances.

We reported a fundamentally new approach to dispersion control using metasurfaces in Light Sci Appl.

We report the first exprimental demonstration of 2.5D metasurfaces in Optica.

We welcome Andrew to the lab.

We welcome Babak to the lab.

We welcome Sarath to the lab.

Science has highlighted our recent work on engineering the chromatic dispersion of metasurfaces.

We have open positions for postdocs!

We welcome Babak to the lab.

We welcome Mahdad to the lab.

We have open positions for graduate students!

Photonics laboratory website is launched.