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Our lab investigates the specific chemical components of ambient particulate matter that have a significant effect on human health. We accomplish this through a combination of novel designs and applications of instrumentation, controlled laboratory generation of aerosol, and field work throughout North America. Researchers in our lab typically have extensive interdisciplinary training in environmental engineering, atmospheric chemistry, toxicology, and/or public health.

Lab Group

Lab Group being goofy, March 2015


Our group consists of two graduate students, two postdoctoral fellows, and one undergraduate fellow. We also have a number of parttime undergraduate research assistants at any given time.


Equipment and Resources

We have four laboratories on campus, each serving our group for specific research needs:

  1. Goessmann 007: A gut-renovated 1600 square foot lab used primarily for general air pollution chemistry research.
  2. Morrill IV 226: A 900 square foot lab adjacent to an IACUC-approved rodent vivaria. A 4.5kW diesel generator is installed just outside of this space, with a bulkhead entering the lab for diluted exhaust studies.
  3. Ag Engineering 112: A 900 square foot (25 foot ceiling) general purpose machine shop and instrument fabrication/development facility.

Equipment and Instrumentation

Our lab is continuing to expand, with new instruments and equipment coming online each month.

Major instrumentation in this lab include:



  • Dionex ICS1100 ion chromatograph
  • Sunset Labs Model 4 field instrument
  • XAct 625 Semi continuous X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Thermo Scientific Quant'x Lab XRF
  • Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (TSI 3321)
  • Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (TSI 3936)
  • 3 custom-built Particle-Into-Liquid Samplers (PILS)
  • Thermo Electron trace gas analyzers (42i-TL, 49i, 43i. 55i, 48i-TL)
  • Gas Chromatograph with ECD (Agilent 6890N)
  • Class 100 clean room with XP6 (Mettler Toledo) microbalance
  • 13m3 Teflon smog chamber with 6.9kW of F40-BL bulbs
  • 12 pDR-1500 personal nephelometers
  • 10 AE51 miniature aethelometers
  • 6 personal holter monitors (Spacelabs, Model CF) with software
  • 6 small animal exposure chambers
  • A wide variety of aerosol size selectors and filter sample cassettes
  • Standard sampling pumps and primary standards
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