News articles for research and outreach activities supporting the work of the Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto, and independent initiatives.


The GEOSET Initiative has won international awards for global outreach, a video in education scholarship and scholastic achievement in student support.


Here you will find a list of ongoing projects and activities that I direct or supervise. Please contact me for additional information on any of the projects.

Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology


I designed and supervised the construction of an educational recording studio at FSU. The $70,000 facility in the Science Library provided a central location for students and faculty to showcase their passion for science communication. I invited Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ to formally open the facility. I have won international awards for e-learning activities including the Rich Media Award for Global Reach, The Enterprise Video Award - Video Scholarship, which enabled me to present a student at FSU with Scholarship to support his studies. I also received the Enterprise Video Award - Video Maverick, and an Honorable Mention for Scholastic Achievement. GEOSET Studios operates a free service designed to benefit all students, staff, and faculty at FSU, with an estimated direct annual impact on 7000 students. Additional educational studios have opened in Japan and the United Kingdom. To encourage students to use the facility at FSU, I negotiated an educational collaboration with Starbucks, to offer free drinks vouchers. Free USB flash drives, pens, and accessories are also available. The new instructional drop-in service for students and staff will give them the ability to create interactive media for courses and training. A support service for funding proposal outreach activities is also available for faculty. I have designed this service to directly meet the requirements of the ‘Broader Impacts’ section of many funding agencies, reducing the time required to establish an effective outreach strategy. The service is unique because it also integrates with additional support services.
I recruited students from the Florida State University Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE), to form the core of the studio team. These students are traditionally underrepresented students who are “disadvantaged by virtue of educational and socioeconomic reasons” (FSU CARE Program). By giving them the opportunity to serve as leaders in the GEOSET initiative, I have watched them grow in confidence, and they can use their time to help other students and are paid as part of the Federal Work-Study Program. Supporting women in science is one area I have been working on for many years. From a collaboration on an Arts-Science installation by the Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) Association at FSU to achieving an Honors Certificate in support of the National Science Foundation ADVANCE grant, increasing the participation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers. I know and have experienced how challenging it is to be underrepresented in the chemical sciences, and the stereotype it encompasses, but I have learnt how to turn my experience into a call for leadership and strength. I directed and mentor minority students starting from my community in Tallahassee to establishing worldwide science workshops. The most recent workshops were conducted in a high school in South Africa, and through a two-way live-streaming connection to Venezuela.
In response to recognizing student success and diversity, I established the GEOSET Award for Scholastic Achievement which recognizes the accomplishments of students or a group in the production of streaming media. The Awards are also being expanded to include internships with industry with the goal of helping students gain valuable experience in STEM workplace environments, reducing the barrier between industry and academia.
It is my intention to create a legacy of research and outreach in memory of Sir Harold Kroto, providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students to help foster creativity through science.