Dr. Steve F. A. Acquah


News articles for research and outreach activities supporting the work of the Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto, and independent initiatives.


The GEOSET Initiative has won international awards for global outreach, a video in education scholarship and scholastic achievement in student support.


Here you will find a list of ongoing projects and activities that I direct or supervise. Please contact me for additional information on any of the projects.

Dr. Steve F. A. Acquah

DPhil MChem (Hons.) CChem CSci FRSC FRMS FCMI

2019-2020 Sustainability Curriculum Fellow

2018 Innovation Fellow



3D Printing COVID-19 Response Team


Working as part of the UMass Amherst COVID-19 Response Teams, the Digital Media Lab in the W.E.B Du Bois Library has been leading efforts to produce 3D printed personal protective equipment.READ MORE




I completed my doctorate at the University of Sussex (United Kingdom) under the supervision of the Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto, Dr. David Walton and Prof. Dek Woolfson working on a collaboration based on self-assembling alpha-helical coiled coils for tissue engineering. During my time at Sussex, I was the manager of the Chemistry Society, Science Society and the University of Sussex Symphony Orchestra where I also served as principal violist. I moved to Florida State University as a Postdoctoral Associate to direct the Kroto Research Group, focusing on carbon nanotube-based technologies such as hydrogen sensors, piezoelectric devices, and fullerene-based solar cells. I was awarded the status of Chartered Chemist (CChem) and Chartered Scientist (CSci) by the Royal Society of Chemistry and The Science Council. The Chartered status is only awarded by Institutions that operate under the Royal Charter by the British Monarch. I am director of the Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology (GEOSET) initiative and a former director of GEOSET Studios at Florida State University.


Digital Media Lab Unit Coordinator


At UMass Amherst I lead the Digital Media Lab and foster collaborations with departments, and organizations outside the university in the development of media projects, 3D printing research and Virtual Reality technology. I host the Research Art Science Exhibition (RASE) each year at the DML and create Virtual Reality based exhibitions to archive the work of the students.



The 2019 Virtual Research Art Science Exhibition can be viewed HERE. Use the keyboard arrow keys (or WSAD) to move through the virtual space, and use a mouse to pan. Please wait for the experience to load.



The Digital Media Lab featured in the 'Be Revolutionary' campaign video highlighting our Virtual Reality equipment. Our new facility under construction in the Library will have two Extended Reality rooms where students and faculty can engage in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.


Associate Research Professor of Chemistry


At Florida State University (FSU) I was an Associate Research Professor of Chemistry in the        Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry . I completed my doctoral degree in 2006 from the University of Sussex under the supervision of the Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Microscopical Society, my research activities have focused on investigating new approaches to improving sensors and piezoelectric devices using carbon nanomaterials. As one of the ‘175 Faces of Chemistry’, I have continued to be a voice for diversity and inclusion through outreach activities including Buckyball workshops and ‘hands-on’ laboratory internships for high school students. The high school initiative was extremely successful with one of the students (Aditya Hota) winning the 2016 Regional Science Fair - Top Show Award (1st Place - Physical Science), 1st Place - Chemistry Division, and later on in the year, 2nd Place in the Chemistry Division State of Florida Science Fair. His research project and achievements were highlighted by the News outlets ABC News 27 (https://youtu.be/zvQy6_AmbDQ) and WCTV Eyewitness News (https://youtu.be/67eRp6XE7Vo). I directed an undergraduate research group of 5 to 7 students and have had one student win a Barry Goldwater Scholarship.


At UMass Amherst I continue the legacy of Sir Harold Kroto with research into new materials for 3D printing and carbon nanoscience.


Director of GEOSET

I designed and supervised the construction of an educational recording studio at FSU. The $70,000 facility in the Science Library provided a central location for students and faculty to showcase their passion for science communication. I invited Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ to formally open the facility. I have won international awards for e-learning activities including the Rich Media Award for Global Reach, The Enterprise Video Award - Video Scholarship, which enabled me to present a student at FSU with Scholarship to support his studies. I also received the Enterprise Video Award - Video Maverick, and an Honorable Mention for Scholastic Achievement. GEOSET Studios operates a free service designed to benefit all students, staff, and faculty at FSU, with an estimated direct annual impact on 7000 students. Additional educational studios have opened in Japan and the United Kingdom.


Visiting Researcher

Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre

Toyo University - Japan.