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Refereed Publication

Great Falls Center for the Arts: An Innovative C0-Design Process, 42 nd IFLA World Congress, Edinburgh June 26-29, 2005 Landscape Leading the Way, p 7.

“The Natural Style: Clues from the Personal Etchings of Frank Waugh,” Representation, Design Communication Association, 2004, pp 44-49.

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Papers Presented at Conferences


7 th Symposium of the International Urban Planning and the International Urban Planning and Environment Association (UPE), “The Making of Mint Street Park: Creating Identity through Historic Roots,” World Class Cities: Environmental Impacts, Planning and Opportunities,
3-5 January 2007, Bangkok Thailand .

“Creating a Color Palette,” SALT Symposium, The Arboretum, Connecticut College , November 2005.

“When Parallel Worlds Meet:  Landscape Design
and the Study of Ecological and Cultural  Landscapes” Sponsored by the Morris Arboretum and New Directions in the American Landscape, Co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Villanova and at the Connecticut College Arboretum January 11-12, 2005.

6 th Symposium of the International Urban Planning and the International Urban Planning and Environment Association, “Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände as a Green Tangent: An Important Link to the Greenway Planning and Design Process in Berlin” 2005.

"New England Family Farming in the Age of the Internet," CELA, Annual Meeting, University of Guelph, August 2000. Additionally, 2 posters presented: "City as Text," and "Rock Cairns of Painter Walter Kamys."

"Design Communication and the Age of the Internet," Design Communication Association, Bi-annual meeting. University of Arizona, January 2000.

"Tu B'Shevat: An Evolving Jewish Celebration of the Birthday of the Tree," Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Annual Meeting, University of Texas, Arlington, October 1998.

"The Art, Science, and Technology of the Greenway," American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual Meeting, Atlanta, November 1997.

"Commons, Parks, Gardens and Greenways: Public and Private Landscapes in New England," A Smith College Symposium on Art, Literature, and the Landscape, March 1994.

"Writing," Invited speaker at LABASH, Guelph University, 1994.

"Expression: An Under-recognized Role for Greenways," ASLA Annual Meeting, Chicago, October 1993.

"The Significance of the Jewish Memorial Competition on Levetowstrasse in Berlin," October 1993.

"Shadow and Light: Denial and Truth," DCA Annual Meeting, Birmingham, Alabama, April 1993.

"Developing Your Voice in Writing," Invited LABASH speaker, University of Texas at Arlington, 1992.

"Banners for the Street," Art and the Landscape," Symposium at the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York, 1992.

"Working with Children and the Built Environment," ASLA Annual Meeting, Kansas City, October 1991.

"The Unbuilt Prinz Albrecht Palais Competition: Results to Remember," CELA Annual Conference, University of Michigan, September 1991.

"Banners for the Street," Design Communication Association (DCA) Conference, Texas A&M, January 1991.

"Teaching As If Writing Mattered," DCA, University of Arizona, January 1990

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"New Challenges for Heritage Education," Fourth Annual Massachusetts Preservation Conference, Lowell, MA, 1989.

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"The Case of Forest Park," CELA Meeting, University of Georgia, 1986

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"The Restoration of Olmsted Parks," A Model for Massachusetts," Association for Preservation Technology (APT), San Francisco, Invited paper, 1985.

"Message in the Landscape," International Federation of Landscape Architects, Tokyo, Japan. Invited paper, May 1985.

"Issues Confronting City Commissioners," Massachusetts Alliance of Preservation Commissions Conference, Amherst, MA. Invited speaker and panelist, 1985.

"Breaking the Waves of Sexism," co-authored, CELA, Guelph University. Refereed by abstract, July 1984.

"The Value of Visitor Studies from Rock Creek Nature Center," co-authored, CELA, Utah State University, August 1983.

"Biogeographic Design," and "Identifying the Rural Landscape Character as an Aid to Development Review," co-authored, CELA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Blind refereed by abstract, October 1982.

"Visual Considerations in the Planning Process," ASLA, Washington, DC Refereed, November 1981.

"The Future of the Past," CELA, University of Washington, Refereed by abstract, August 1981.

"Creativity Testing," CELA, Louisiana State University, November 1979.

"Experience in Villagescape," American Collegiate Schools in Architecture, (A.S.C.A.), West Central Regional Conference at Kansas State University, 1979.


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