Welcome to a Guide to International Education in Landscape Architecture

  Professor: Annaliese Bischoff
Department of Landscape Architecture& Regional Planning
Telephone: 01 413 545 6623
E-mail: abischof@larp.umass.edu


1. International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Guide to International Education

This is the most recent and complete guidebook compiled for IFLA with results from the 2002-2004 survey as a PDF version. The guide totals 443 pages.

2. IFLA Contacts at each Institution as of 2004

In this shorter PDF version of 66 pages the primary contact for each academic institution is listed.

3. Study Abroad Links: An Annotated Listing

Suggestions for looking for international study opportunities are sketched out here.

4. Internships and Professional Practice Experience

Robert Holden has compiled an excellent overview of international internships and work experience.