Dr. Bill's Bezier Madness

Last Update: November 7, 2010, 11:15pm

Updated Frequently, Check Back Often

Current Version: Version 5.2 Beta 2010 Pre-Release 1

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Bezier Madness is a general-purpose graphics design and drawing package. It provides a number of "standard" design tools such as lines and rectangles, but it also include a number of unique drawing tools, including mesh-grids, sine waves, Bezier curves and Quadratic Splines.

Design descriptions are saved in a file with a .BEZ extension. If necessary, these description files may be edited in Notepad. Final graphics designs may be saved in any of a number of graphics file formats, including .BMP, .JPG, and .GIF formats.

New with version 5.2 is the ability to save drawings in .SVG format. However, this format does not yet support including text in the .SVG file. All objects may be moved around in a design after they are placed onto the canvas. Every object may have associated text, and as objects are moved the associated text tracks along with them.

This package is updated frequently. Check back often to get the latest version.

Screen Shots for Version 3.0

Drawing Objects (each may have associated text)

Supported Graphics Formats for Imported Images (READ)

Supported Graphics Formats for final Output (WRITE)