Dear Prospective Delegates and Advisors,

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we invite you to join us at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Secondary School Model United Nations Conference! UMassMUN XVII will take place March 9th to March 11th, 2018 in Amherst, MA at the UMass Hotel and Conference Center, located in the center of the Commonwealth’s flagship campus.

Hosted and staffed by the UMass International Relations Club, the goal of UMassMUN is to bring our delegates together into an environment that fosters creative thinking and open-mindedness in debate. We strive to provide a unique, exciting, and challenging experience with each conference in order to foster communication and public speaking skills, test critical thinking, and proliferate knowledge of international relations. Our committees are designed to present delegates with multi-faceted international issues ranging from political and social movements to crypto currencies and organized crime. We work to keep them in touch with the state of our globalized world

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the theme of UMassMUN XVII will be Justice and Equality. In a world where the many are suffering the consequences from the actions of the few it is important to turn our topics of discussion to those experiencing hardship throughout the world. At our conference, we hope to generate discussion and simulate potential resolutions in our committees on: universal broadband and net neutrality, human trafficking, referenda around the world, the Rohingya Crisis, the Opioid Crisis, Bitcoin, space colonization, World War I, and our newest addition: a Joint Crisis focusing on the East China Sea. We are very excited to roll out our first joint crisis this year with our most experienced staff yet. The Joint Crisis will consist of five separate cabinet rooms from different countries (Taiwan, China, United States, North Korea, and South Korea) with vested interest in the East China Sea. These cabinets will react in real time to crises and create multilateral diplomatic directives in order to keep the never-ending brinksmanship of the region under control.

UMassMUN XVII also strives to provide its delegates and advisers with a professional and enjoyable conference setting. An opening reception is provided for both delegates and their advisors, and numerous social events including a dance and trivia take place on Saturday evening. Together, the experiences in and out of committee make UMassMUN one of the premier high school Model United Nations conferences in the Northeast.

We look forward to seeing you in March!

UMass MUN XVII Secretariat

Features Of The Conference

Realistic International Crisis Simulations

In today’s ever-changing world, the international community is often called upon to respond to unique and quickly evolving crises across the globe. The dedicated and knowledgeable crisis staff of UMassMUN works to make simulations as exciting and realistic as possible for conference attendees. Our hope is to create a memorable experience that will allow delegates to more fully understand the delicate nature of the international system. These crisis simulations will take place in the committees designated as crisis committees

All Abilities Welcome

UMassMUN welcomes schools and organizations with all levels of skill and experience. Whether your school has an established Model UN club or interested prospective delegates are Model UN novices, UMassMUN is for you. UMassMUN always welcomes new schools wishing to attend our conference.

Knowledgeable Staff

All UMassMUN staff members are active members of the UMass International Relations Club, a campus organization dedicated to international politics and interstate relations. Members of the International Relations Club attend annual collegiate conferences hosted by several prestigious universities such as Columbia, Princeton, Georgetown University, and McGill. These staff have put in countless hours of effort into designing the optimal committees for your delegates.

Educational Experiences

Public Speaking And Debating

In committee sessions, students have an excellent opportunity to develop and cultivate their public speaking and debating skills. Delegates are expected to know their country’s position and to be able to communicate it effectively to their committee. Whether students speak in front of fourteen other delegates in the crisis committee or fifty nine others in one of the general assemblies, they will learn to clarify and articulate their ideas in a persuasive manner. Refining their public speaking skills in this way will help students increase the effectiveness of their communication in school and in their everyday lives.

Learning About International Politics Through Cooperation And Negotiation

Delegates will develop a keen understanding of international affairs by participating in UMassMUN XVII. The committee background guides posted on the UMassMUN website and committee debate itself are designed with the goal of educating high school students about committee topics, with the idea that students’ own preparatory research will bring these topics into clearer focus by shedding light on the policies and practices of an individual country or character. Delegates will also gain a general knowledge of international organizations and current and historical issues in international politics. They will experience first-hand how the art of diplomacy is practiced and how the actions of the United Nations and other international organizations affect the global community.


Participation in UMassMUN XVII will give students the unique opportunity to take on the role of a representative from a foreign nation. Delegates will have to shed their own personal beliefs in favor of the ideas, values, and principles of another government and people. UMassMUN seeks to offer a diverse array of countries and positions for delegates. More than sixty nations will be represented in the general assemblies, while regional bodies and security organizations will give delegates the opportunity to examine the positions of their country in a more specialized setting.