Mark Tuominen
Professor of Physics
Co-Director, NSF Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing and MassNanoTech
Director, National Nanomanufacturing Network

University of Massachusetts Amherst
411 Hasbrouck Laboratory, 666 N Pleasant St, Amherst MA 01003
Phone: 413.545.1944 Fax: 413.545.1691
email: tuominen[at]
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PhD in Physics, 1990, University of Minnesota
BS in Chemical Engineering, 1986, University of Minnesota

Research Interests

Experimental condensed matter physics and nanotechnology. Research in the manufacturing and physics of materials and devices with nanoscale features. Nanomanufacturing science addresses the challenge of fabricating nanoscale structures by convenient methods suitable for integration into systems. One important example is directed self-assembly using diblock copolymer template patterning in combination with complementary techniques. Recent fundamental physics research includes electronic transport through bacterial pili and biofilms, microbial fuel cells, ultrahigh-density magnetic arrays, domain-wall motion in ferromagnetic nanorings, proton transport in materials for fuel cells, superconducting single-electron devices and charge shuttling phenomena. Strategic cooperative activities include nanomanufacturing, informatics for science, and integrated nanosystems.

Educational Interests

Interdisciplinary research education for undergraduates; laboratory-based renewable energy education; nanotechnology education for K12 through graduate-school levels; innovation education; digital video based curriculum.

Selected Recent Publications

  • "Supercapacitors Based on c-Type Cytochromes Using Conductive Nanostructured Networks of Living Bacteria," N.S. Malvankar, T. Mester, M.T. Tuominen, and D.R. Lovley ChemPhysChem 13, Pages: 463-468 (2012) DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201100865
  • “Tunable metallic-like conductivity in biofilms comprised of microbial nanowires,” N.S. Malvankar, M. Vargas, K.P. Nevin, A.E. Franks, C. Leang, B-C. Kim, K. Inoue, T. Mester, S.F. Covalla, J.P. Johnson, V.M. Rotello, M.T. Tuominen, and D.R. Lovley, Nature Nanotechnology 6, 573-579 (2011).
  • “Manipulation of magnetization states of ferromagnetic nanorings by an applied azimuthal Oersted field,” T Yang, Nihar R. Pradhan, Abby Goldman, Abigail S. Licht, Yihan Li, M. Kemei, Mark T. Tuominen, and Katherine E. Aidala, Applied Physics Letters 98, 242505 (2011).
  • “Switching of ±360 degree domain wall states in a nanoring by an azimuthal Oersted field,” Nihar R. Pradhan, Abigail Licht, Yihan Li, Mark T. Tuominen and Katherine E. Aidala, Nanotechnology 22, 485705 (2011).
  • “Realization of Artificial Kondo Lattices in Nanostructured Arrays,” D.K. Singh and M.T. Tuominen, Physical Review B 83, 014408 (2011).
  • "Importance of dynamic hydrogen bonds and reorientation barriers in proton transport,” C. Nagamani, U Viswanathan, C. Versek, M.T. Tuominen, S.M. Auerbach, and S. Thayumanavan, Chemical Communications 47, 6638-6640 (2011).
  • “Proton conduction in discotic mesogens,” D. Basak, S. Christensen, S.K. Surampudi, C. Versek, D.T. Toscano, M.T. Tuominen, R.C. Hayward and D. Venkataraman, Chem. Commun., 47, 5566–5568 (2011).
  • “Enhancement of Anhydrous Proton Transport by Supramolecular Nano-Channels in Comb Polymers”, Yangbin Chen, Michael Thorn, Scott Christensen, Craig Versek, Ambata Poe, Ryan C. Hayward, Mark T. Tuominen, and S. Thayumanavan, Nature Chemistry 2, 503 (2010).
  • “Hybrid inorganic-organic proton exchange membranes containing 1H-1,2,3-triazole moieties,” S Sanghi, M.T. Tuominen, E.B. Coughlin, Solid State Ionics 181, 1183-1188 (2010).
  • “Magnetic Transitions in Ultra-Small Nanoscopic Magnetic Rings: Theory and Experiments,” D.K. Singh, R.V. Krotkov and M.T. Tuominen, Physical Review B 79, 184409 (2009).
  • “Radiative Rate Enhancements in Ensembles of Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Nanostructures,” Y. Wang, T. Yang, M.T. Tuominen and M. Achermann, Physical Review Letters 102, 163001 (2009).
  • “A Simple Top-Down/Bottom-Up Approach to Sectored, Ordered Arrays of Nanoscopic Elements Using Block Copolymers,” S. Park, O. Yavuzcetin, B. Kim, M.T. Tuominen, and T.P. Russell, Small 5, 1064 (2009).
  • “Arrays of Ultrasmall Metal Rings,” D.K. Singh, R.V Krotkov, H. Xiang, T. Xu, T.P Russell and M.T. Tuominen, Nanotechnology 19, 245305 (2008).
  • “Clusters of Interacting Single Domain Co Nanomagnets for Multistate Perpendicular Magnetic Media Applications,” Qijun Xiao, Tianyu Yang, Andrei Ursache, and Mark T. Tuominen, Journal of Applied Physics 103, 07C521 (2008).
  • “Anomalous Suppression Of The Transition Temperature Of Superconducting Nanostructured Honeycomb Films: Electrical Transport Measurements And Maekawa-Fukuyama Model,” D.K. Singh, S. Yngvesson, T.P. Russell, and M.T. Tuominen, Physical Review B 77, 174512 (2008).
  • “Water-Free Proton-Conducting Polysiloxanes: A Study on the Effect of Heterocycle Structure,” S. Granados-Focil, R. C. Woudenberg, O. Yavuzcetin, M. T. Tuominen, E.B. Coughlin, Macromolecules 40, 8708-8713, (2007).
  • "Simulations Of Nanomagnet Clusters With Perpendicular Uniaxial Anisotropy For Multilevel Data Storage," Q. Xiao, R.V. Krotkov and M.T. Tuominen, Journal of Applied Physics 99, 08G305 (2006).
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  • “Shuttling of charge by a metallic sphere in viscous oil,” Knutson CR, Edmond KV, Tuominen MT, Dinsmore AD, Journal Of Applied Physics 101, 013706 (2007)
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