Werles on the Web

Since I've been hearing from so many Werles lately I've decided to build us a web site. Please email me if you have something to add! The following are links to some of the people I've heard from:

picture-o-ant My web page, possibly how you got here in the first place.

picture-o-dogDuncan Werle, someone who likes Wolfhounds.

Richard Werle lives in Guilford, Connecticut.

Here's a bit of Werle history sent in by Dirk Werle, a geographer from Canada.

This is Burg Werle, sent in by Bernhard Werle,a Zahntechnikermeister from Germany. I believe this is equivalent to a Master's degree Dental Technician in the United States. There's also another page!

Elise Werle Anderson is a Washington Werle (the State of, not the district) who is interested in hearing any information that is out there regarding Werles in Canada. Her email is EliseAndy@aol.com

Jeff Werle is an Internet computer consultant, here's his homepage, which has a message board where you can post stuff.

Daniel Ranzi Werle is 11 years old (as of March 1998) and lives in Florianopolis, Brazil. Here's a link to his homepage:

Michael Werle is the first Aussie Werle I've met. Here's a link to his homepage:

Isolde and Edgar are Werle's who live in Saarland, a small city in the southwestern corner of Germany.

picture-o-cottage WERLE's Gallery of fine arts, a site with some nice paintings.

picture Brian Werle's page, heh, heh, now you know his name :) Here's his email address:Masked_Rose@hotmail.com

picture A handsome couple from Brazil, one or both of whom are Werle's.

That's all I have for now, please send anything you'd like to see added to swerle@ent.umass.edu and I'll paste it in!
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