Documents and Handouts

Here is a list of documents and handouts available on this site.



Poetic Forms

Future of Poetry, Ransom v. Tate

Guide to Research Paper

Rhetoric Intro

Medieval Catholic Faith

Medieval Neoplatonism

DUFOUR, "La Fabrique de l'enfant 'Post-Moderne': Malaise dans l'education

Robb, Tribes of France

Barbarian Rites (pre-pub, classroom use only)

Research Guide

Specific Classes

OE: Grammar chart

OE: Translation Template

OE: Translating Inflected Languages

OE: Inflections

OE: The Old English Noun

OE: Rune Poem

OE: Philology

OE: Poems for Class

OE: Poems not in ASPR

OE: Stave Church

OE: ASPR word frequencies

Beowulf, FULL OE student edition

Old Saxon: Nouns

Old Saxon: Primary Sources

Old Saxon: Heliand Prologue

HEL: IE philologists

HEL: Morphology terms

HEL: Phonology terms

HEL: PiersPlowman

HEL: PIE Morphology

HEL: Vocabulary and Keywords

Medieval Latin: WEMSK bibliography

Medieval Latin: Neoplatonism

Medieval Latin: Style of Creed

201 Brit: Tolkien's Sir Orfeo

201 Brit: Worksheet

201 Brit: Symbolism Bibliography

201 Brit: Approaches to Poetry

201 Brit: Caedmon Reading Guide

201 Brit: Caedmon's Hymn (OE)

201 Brit: OE Background

201 Brit: Beowulf Questions

201 Brit: Chaucer Questions

201 Brit: Knight's Tale

201 Brit: Milton Reading Guide

201 Brit: Sonnet Reading Guide

201 Brit: Michaelangelo

Chaucer: Preconceptions

Chaucer: Mimesis 1

Chaucer: Mimesis 2

Crypto: Substitutions

Crypto: Basic HTML

Crypto: Basic CSS

Crypto: Basic Unix

Crypto: Sample Vigenère

Crypto: Yardleygram 1, 2, and 3.



British Authors to 1066

Bede's Hymn to Aethelthryth, St. Gall

Harris on The Battle of Maldon

Harris on Aelfric

Harris on Psalms

Proofreading Marks

English Vocabulary Keywords

Electronic OE (ISAS)