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Tobacco Shed 
Hadley, MA 
October, 2000

The setting: In the Pioneer Valley of west-central Massachusetts tobacco, especially shade tobacco (tobacco grown under netting) is a major crop. At the end of the season it is hung to dry in wooden sheds (really a barn, but called a shed), sheds that have various air vents. Under cloudy conditions, this image was made along the side of one of the sheds. The barrel is filled with cement and is one of the supports for the frame of the shed. Unfortunately, such sheds are very dry and burn rapidly. Each year more are lost.

Technical detail: TMax 100, 6x7, Mamiya 7 Camera, 80 mm lens, f11.

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Robert B. Hallock
Department of Physics, Hasbrouck Laboratory
University of Massachusets, Amherst, MA 01003