From October 1951 until the end of August 1953, the airwaves in Chicago contained each evening something a little different: The Arbogast Show, broadcast on WMAQ weekdays from 10:15 'til 10:45 pm. Sponsored by the Jewel Food Stores and Hudson Paper Napkins, among others, the show was an unusual mix of music -- mostly jazz and popular tunes -- and humor with a light satirical touch that some thought reminiscent of Bob and Ray.

This web page has been set up in memory of the show, to thank Arbo and Pete for the good times they brought to their many fans, and to provide those fans with a chance to experience once again a few moments from the show.

WMAQ began broadcasting The Arbogast Show in October 1951 from the studios on the 19th floor in the Merchandise Mart. The show generally originated in studio C, although some sessions which included an audience, such as their farewell broadcast of August 26th, took place in the larger studio D.
Click on the album logo to view some photos taken at that broadcast and others from their years at WMAQ .
Thanks to John Arbogast and Steve Robinson, we now have scans of many of the Arbogast Show scripts. IF you have a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat), you can view or download the script of the show for October 28, 1952.

During Arbo and Pete's last season at NBC-Chicago, the show was directed by Herb Lateau or Ralph Knowles, their engineer was generally Bruce Knowles, occasionally Art York, the sound effects were done by Dave Squires, and turntables operated by Dick Broemel. The show was introduced and signed off by NBC staff announcer Bill Griskey, who occasionally became a member of the cast.

Click on the links below to hear RealAudio clips from the Arbogast Show. You will need RealPlayer in order to listen to these clips.

Title: Mr. Last Nighter Title: Charles Thyroid
Airdate:August, 1953 Airdate:August, 1953
Description: Six minute clip of New York's leading theatre critic attending a closing night theatre production. Description: Six minute dramatization of the familiar comic book advertisement.
Title: Consibs and Moonbeams Title: Arbogast to Tower
Airdate:August, 1953 Airdate:August, 1953
Description: Inspirational music and verse for people who don't really listen to the radio. Description: Opening of a typical show, concluding with the show's theme, the Sicilian Tarantella.

JPM Engineering, with the assistance of several fellow Arbogastians, has been working for a number of years to restore some of the 1953 shows to their original AM broadcast radio brilliance. If you are interested in information on how you may obtain copies of any of these for a nominal fee, send an email to the address below.

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