Aquasions Inc.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

    When you watch clouds or fire or the water flowing in a steam you are looking at solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. These equations are impossible to solve on paper for anything but the simplest flows (about 40 known solutions exist). However, using computers very close approximations to these equations can be solved and used to predict fluid flow.

We develop the software to compute these solutions.

We build the supercomputers that are useful for solving these equations.

We can run the software for your application.


DNS:  Snapshots of a simulation of turbulence on a 512x512x512 mesh (1 Billion unknowns).



  Pollen Seed

This program lets you ride as a particle in a turbulent 3D fluid. Turbulence from the Langrangian perspective. Requires: Windows XP or newer OS.