Hello, prospective book reviewer. Here is a list of books I have recently received in my capacity as book review editor for the Journal of Popular Film and Television. All titles are currently available for review and are listed alphabetically by author/editor. To find out more about any particular book, you might do a Google search on its title and author or visit its publisher's website. If any titles appeal to you, please so e-mail me along with a BRIEF statement of your qualifications and interests (no CVs or résumés, please!).

Click here for my reviewer guidelines, and please e-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks!

--Marty Norden, Communication Dept., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA

  • Arnold, Gordon. The Afterlife of America's War in Vietnam: Changing Visions in Politics and on Screen (McFarland).
  • Barton, Ruth. Acting Irish in Hollywood: From Fitzgerald to Farrell (Irish Academic).
  • Brode, Douglas. Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture (McFarland).
  • Dillon, Steven. The Solaris Effect: Art & Artifice in Contemporary American Film (Texas).
  • Gates, Philippa. Detecting Men: Masculinity and the Hollywood Detective Film (SUNY).
  • Griffiths, Robin, ed. British Queer Cinema (Routledge).
  • Herzogenrath, Bernd, ed. The Films of Tod Browning (Black Dog).
  • Irwin, John. Unless the Threat of Death Is Behind Them: Hard-Boiled Fiction and Film Noir (Johns Hopkins).
  • Manchel, Frank. Every Step a Struggle: Interviews with Seven Who Shaped the African-American Image in Movies (New Academia).
  • McClean, Shilo. Digital Storytelling: The Narrative Power of Visual Effects in Film (MIT).
  • Place-Verghnes, Floriane. Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy (1942-1955) (John Libbey).
  • Shary, Tim, and Alexandra Seibel, eds. Youth Culture in Global Cinema (Texas).
  • Sito, Tom. Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Studios from Bosko to Bart Simpson (Kentucky).
  • Taves, Brian. P. G. Wodehouse and Hollywood: Screenwriting, Satires, and Adaptations (McFarland).
  • Thomas, Amos. Transnational Media and Contoured Markets: Redefining Asian Television and Advertising (Sage).
  • Villarejo, Amy. Film Studies: The Basics (Routledge).

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