Environmental Networks:
A Framework for Economic Decision Making and Policy Analysis

(New Horizons in Environmental Economics)

Kanwalroop Kathy Dhanda,
Anna Nagurney,
Padma Ramanujam

Edward Elgar Publishing Inc

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Description: This original book presents a new basis for environmental policy-making: environmental networks. This framework graphically simplifies the analysis of environmental problems and emphasizes the spatial nature of economic activity and pollution dispersion.

The book first discusses the foundations of environmental economics before going on to apply the environmental network approach to different firm structures. The authors then extend the analysis to incorporate multiple products and pollutants, the presence of transaction costs, the availability of investment in production technologies, and the issue of noncompliance versus compliance. They also apply the network approach to pollution caused by transportation and assess the success of permits in limiting this. The authors then formulate integrated models, analyzing the use of permits and taxes in firms, producers, and consumers, as well as transportation and trade routes.

This book will be of interest to students, researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers in environmental and transport economics.

Chapter Contents
1 Introduction
2 Foundations of Environmental Economics
3 Methodological Foundations
4 Pollution Permit Models for Single-Product, Single-Pollutant Firms
5 Multiproduct, Multipollutant Firms with Transaction Costs
6 Oligopolistic Markets and Technological Investments
7 Noncompliant Oligopolistic Firms: Statics and Dynamics
8 Environmental Targets and Single-Modal Traffic Networks
9 Environmental Targets and Multimodal Traffic Networks
10 Emission Pollution Permits for Transportation Networks
11 Multimodal Network Permits: Compliance Versus Noncompliance
12 Environmental Targets and Spatial Price Networks
13 Pollution Permits and Spatial Price Networks
14 Spatial Oligopolies and Pollution Permits

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