This is a listing of a good portion of the library of Michael Wolff, a more or less retired Victorian scholar. It consists of over 1600 volumes and they are all for sale. Most of the books are in good or better condition. Some, however, though internally useful, are in poor condition. The collection is wide-ranging in scope touching most aspects of Victorian life: literature, art, politics, science, religion, social science, contemporary history and much more. Although primarily the working library of a scholar, there are some scarce and valuable books, first editions and oddities. There is also a wide selection of samples of Victorian periodical literature.

There are three lists: a "Quicklist by Author," which runs from Acton to Yonge (although it is incomplete and I will post a supplement as soon as I can); a "Quicklist of Caricatures, etc.," arranged alphabetically and including some photographs and engravings; and a "Quicklist of Serials" arranged alphabetically. I haven't included prices with the Quicklists because I wasn't quite sure at the time of posting--so much depends on condition and there is so little connection between the commercial and the academic market. I think I now know how to set a fair price--less than a dealer would charge, but more than a dealer would give me. Some books have a lot of commercial value, some very little.

I have added under "P" in the Author Quicklist a collection of books about periodicals and journalists.

In any event, please browse through what's here and contact me at 413 549-0876 or (preferably) if you think I may have something that will interest you. Suggestions for improvement of the list and ways of getting it publicized gratefully received.

Quicklist by Author
Quicklist of Caricatures, etc.
Quicklist of Serials