Michele Turre

Book Arts

Come In, Keep Out: The Complete American Driveway

A collaboration with Copper Giloth. Photos documenting typical American driveways were shot in New Enland, Chicago, California, Colorado, Louisianna, Maryland and New York. Found texts annotating the cultural history of the American driveway, are garnered from historical, technical and academic sources; everything from newspaper and magazine articles from the turn of the century, to technical papers on pavements, to city ordinances regulating the visual appearance of private property, to Web sites on how to paint a basketball court on your driveway, to where to order ornate concrete pillars to demarcate your property boundaries.

Photos by Copper Giloth and Michele Turre. Printed by Michele Turre. Found texts researched by Copper Giloth. Bound by Shoshana Weinberg at Three Bears Bindery, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Ten, ten-page pamphlets in a cloth bound fold-out box, Lysonic inks on Concorde Rag paper. 2001.