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The puppetry designs listed in the left navigation bar represent both puppetry productions and theatrical productions with significant puppet elements.

SELECT the name of the work you want to view.

PRODUCTION NOTES that put the play and the production in perspective will display. You have several options:

  • CLICK on hyperlinks in the Production Notes to display an image (sketch, model or production photo) that illustrates the reference in the text.
  • ENLARGE the image to view it in greater detail.
  • Remember to close the enlarged image, or you will not be able to enlarge the next image you choose to view.
  • Use your browser BACK button to return to the Production Notes.

THUMBNAILS on the horizontal navigation bar take you to a page of all the images for the work you have selected.

  • CLICK on any thumbnail to ENLARGE it.
    • You can SELECT THE NUMBER on the horizontal bar to view each image in sequence.
    • You can also use the NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons to the right of the design.

You may select another puppet production at any point in the sequence.

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