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Experimental Nuclear Physics at UMass

funded by

the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation

Layout of the High Resolution Spectrometers in Hall A at Jefferson Laboratory used for parity violation experiments.

The PHENIX Detector at Brookhaven National Laboratory


The EXO detector under construction at WIPP, Carlsbad, NM

The Borexino Experiment at Gran Sasso

Our research addresses a variety of fundamental questions that aim to further our understanding of the origins of all matter in the universe, the forces that govern them, and the mechanisms by which the fundamental building blocks of matter (quarks and leptons) form protons, neutrons and eventually nuclei and atoms.


  • Solar neutrino physics
  • Double-beta decay
  • Direct searches for WIMP dark matter
  • Fundamental symmetry tests
  • Precision low energy QCD tests
  • Precision nucleon structure studies
  • Precision tests of electroweak interactions
  • Experimental Gravitation and Particle Astrophysics more


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Experimental High Energy Physics

Experimental Gravitation and Particle Astrophysics

Particle Theory

Amherst Center for Fundamental Interactions



Gravitational wave detection, Solar Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter. more...

Spin structure of the nucleon, electron EDM searches, muon physics more...

Precision tests of electroweak interactions, searches for lepton flavor and number violation, QCD structure of the nucleon. more...

Tests of low energy QCD, studies of long range hadron properties. more...

Nuclear energy and the environment

Solar neutrino physics, double beta decay, WIMP dark matter detection. more...


Postdoctoral Research Associates:

  • Tim Daniels
  • Seamus Riordan
  • Nicholas Saylor
  • Mikhail Stepanov
  • Alexander Mushkarenkov


Graduate Students:

Undergraduate Students:

  • Jasmine Abdollahi
  • Ryan Elias-Cartwright
  • Arthur Kurlej
  • Ed Lipchus
  • Gary Foster
  • Kirsten Randle
  • Daniel Shy
  • Evan Stump
  • Adam Zec


International Laboratories:



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