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Laboratory for Low Temperature Physics

Department of Physics

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003


The Laboratory for Low Temperature Physics is and organized collection of people who are interested in the exploration of phenomena found at low temperatures, particularly those found below the liquefaction temperature of liquid helium, 4.2K. Of particular interest to faculty, students, and postdocs in the Laboratory are phenomena associated with Quantum Fluids and Superconductors. Among other things, current topics of experimental activity in the area of Quantum Fluids include studies of 3He-4He mixture films, the behavior of helium and helium mixtures in Aerogel and Nuclepore, helium film dynamics, capillary condensation and avalanche phenomena, phase transitions, wetting and the behavior of helium on weak binding substrates, and study of polarized 3He in 4He. In the area of Superconductivity interest is focused on the fabrication of nanostructures, single electron devices, the search for new superconducting compounds, and studies of the non-linear behavior of high Tc materials near the superconducting transition. Theoretical work is centered on studies of avalanche phenomena, phase transition dynamics, and the behavior of Fermi systems in two and three dimensions, including polarization effects.

The Laboratory for Low Temperature Physics includes the following Department of Physics faculty members: Donald Candela, Stanley Engelsberg (emeritus), Robert Guyer, Robert Hallock, Jonathan Machta, William Mullin (emeritus), and Mark Tuominen. These faculty and their students and postdoctoral research associates maintain an interactive and stimulating environment for the pursuit of experimental and theoretical research. The research programs and other information about the individual faculty members can be called forward by clicking on the highlighted faculty names above. Below are separately listed some of the laboratory personnel who maintain individual homepages or connection to the departmental directory.

The Laboratory for Low Temperature Phyiscs is a part of the Condensed Matter Physics Group in the Department of Physics. The Condensed Matter Physics Group consists of the following faculty members: Donald Candela, Tony Dinsmore, Stanley Engelsberg (emeritus), Robert Guyer, Robert Hallock, Robert Krotkov (emeritus), Kenneth Langley (emeritus), Alex Levine, Jonathan Machta, Narayanan Menon, William Mullin (emeritus), Murugappan Muthukumar (Adjunct), Claude Penchina (emeritus), Nikolay Prokofev, Boris Svistunov, Mark Tuominen, and Po-zen Wong. Individual faculty research programs in the Condensed Matter Physics Group may be accessed if they are highlighted here.

Laboratory for Low Temperature Physics People:

Faculty Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Postdocs Visitors

Hikota Akimoto (e-mail)
Mustafa Bal
Matthew Breuer
Donald Candela (e-mail)
John Cummings (e-mail)
Stanley Engelsberg, emeritus
Robert Guyer (e-mail)
Robert Hallock (e-mail)
Chong Jiang
Yung Ho Kahng
Dwight Luhman (e-mail)
Jonathan Machta (e-mail)
William Mullin, emeritus (e-mail)
Nikolay Prokofev (e-mail)
Robin Plachy (e-mail)
Michael Ray (e-mail)
Joerg Schotter
Boris Svistunov (e-mail)
Kyle Thompson
Mark Tuominen (e-mail)
Xiaoyu Yang (e-mail)

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