Bertrand Russell:
Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Bertie Russell

In early 2009, I began a project to make Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy available free online. I began with a rather low quality OCRed scan of the 1920 Allen & Unwin printing, which I cleaned up by re-adding formatting, correcting mistakes, inserting mathematical symbols, and so on. Several members of the Russell-l mailing list helped as well. Kenneth Blackwell, of the Bertrand Russell Archives/Research Center, McMaster University, contributed to the project in a major way by not only error-checking the bulk of the edition but also comparing it against Russell’s handwritten manuscript, which turned up a number of errors in all previously published editions.

New corrections to the text (at least those of any significance) are marked in green in most of the editions below (except the .mobi version, which does not support color). The edition also contains a list of changes as an appendix. It is still possible, indeed likely, that errors remain in this edition because of mistakes in the OCR, formatting errors introduced afterwards, or discrepancies due to unknown corrections made in later printings (including a half-sheet of “entirely trivial” corrections Russell sent the publisher for the 1930 printing, which may or may not be included here). The result is nevertheless an edition which is likely the most correct version of Russell’s book available anywhere. And it’s all free. Nonetheless, if you discover any errors or additional discrepancies, please email me at

My version is available in many different sizes and formats. Most can be saved by right clicking on the link and choose “Save Target/Link as …”. The HTML version can be saved from within your browser when you navigate to it, or you can download the .zip file below.


PDF (portable document format)

(Recommended for printing, saving and reading offline, and viewing on portable reading devices with native PDF support. Most faithful to the original paper book.)
[PDF1] PDF version 1; Letter paper, single page
(8.5in × 11in, portrait orientation, large margins, 842.1 KB)
[PDF2] PDF version 2; Letter paper, double facing pages
(11in x 8.5in, landscape, medium margins, 802.8 KB)
[PDF3] PDF version 3; A4 paper, single page
(210mm x 297mm, portrait, large margins, 831.1 KB)
[PDF4] PDF version 4; A4 paper, double facing pages
(297mm x 210mm, landscape, medium margins, 738.0 KB)
[PDF5] PDF version 5; small page for standard ebook-reader screens
(90mm x 120mm, portrait, minimal margins, 1.1 MB)
[PDF6] PDF version 6; tiny page for smartphones and other portables
(50mm x 75mm, portrait, minimal margins, 1.7 MB)

HTML format (Web page)

(Recommended for viewing online, or converting to another format. Offers customizable viewing options, such as font, font size, justification, etc.)
HTML preview HTML version
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ePub (electronic publication)

(Recommended for use with ebook readers, tablets and other portable devices, especially if large font sizes are required; otherwise consider using PDF versions 5 or 6 above if your device reads PDFs.)
ebookreader ePub version
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Mobi (MobiPocket book/Kindle book)

(Recommended for use with the Amazon Kindle, Kindle 2, MobiPocket reader, iRex iLiad and similar devices which do not support ePub.)
kindle img Mobi version
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Source Files

(Files to use for creating your own version, or doing textual analysis, etc.)
zip icon ZIP file containing LATEX source
(used to create the PDFs, 227.4 KB)
zip icon ZIP file containing HTML source along with images
(the Web version above, also used to create ePub/.mobi versions through calibre, 173.1 KB)
text icon Plain text version (.txt)
(possibly useful for doing textual analysis, etc., 409.1 KB)

If you have another favorite format you'd like me to try to create, let me know, although the HTML format can likely be easily converted as is (to, e.g., Word format or RTF, etc.)

Creative Commons License
Bertrand Russell’s Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy is in the Public Domain.

Creative Commons License
This typesetting (including HTML and LATEX source code) and list of changes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.