The Control Unit Emergency Response Network consists of a group of people willing to respond to emergency situations inside control unit prisons by phoning or faxing prison administrators, political figures, or media depending on the circumstances. It is an attempt to break the isolation that surrounds these institutions. This isolation allows prisoncrats to basically do whatever they like to the prisoners without regard to their human rights. It is an attempt to let them know that we are indeed watching and that their actions do not go unchallenged.

The Control Unit Emergency Response Network grew out of and is a part of the work of the December 1994 Philadelphia meeting about Control Unit prisons. We hope that the ERN will be built by that network of people and beyond. Generally speaking it will deal with issues related to the conditions of incarceration within Control Unit prisons, although there may be occasions for activating it that do not deal precisely or exclusively with that. However, control unit conditions will be the general focus.

The CONTROL UNIT ERN will consist of an e-mail network as well as a telephone tree. People can choose to be contacted by e-mail or telephone. However, if you rarely pick up your mail, think twice about choosing that mode. We hope that people will provide us with feedback when participating in the CONTROL UNIT ERN. If on e-mail, drop us a line. If on telephone, let your contact person know when you've made your protest. In that way, this will be a live network, with interaction back and forth.

To join the CONTROL UNIT ERN, send the below coupon to: Nancy Kurshan, CEML, PO BOX 578172, Chicago, IL 60657-8172.

I would like to be part of a telephone tree:

Name _____________________

Telephone number, including area code _________________

I would like to be part of an e-mail emergency response network:


e-mail address___________________

or send an email message to Nancy Kurshan ( with your name and saying whether you'd like to be part of an email network or telephone tree (in the latter case, include your phone number)

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