Robbie's Story

...Anyway, what I was trying to tell you before is this: Robbie started on the twice a week this month! He is doing GREAT!   Actually, he is running around and getting into everything... makes us feel terrible because we didn't realize how BAD he must have felt when he was sick... we just thought he was getting older and growing up and wasn't so rowdy anymore. Geez! Thank God we found you! I have no doubt Robbie would have either been dead by now...or at least leading an awful life!

Robbie's history:
   Robbie is your basic $19.95 Pet Store variety White with black markings Lop eared rabbit, purchased in October 1999 at approx. 2 mos. of age. (Currently he's a chubby 9 lbs. or down to 7 or so when he was sick)
    Ok, so we got him in October. 4 months later, he broke his back right leg. He had 2 different surgeries to fix his leg, the second of which was doing fine, then the leg ABSCESSED out of the clear blue sky! It was subsequently amputated. (During one of these surgeries, he was also neutered.)

Sept. 28, 2000 (we'd had him 11 months)  Hillary took him to Dr. Mc because he had a little bit of a runny nose, and he just didn't seem "exactly right". He got Baytril. October 9th he went back to Dr. Mc because Hillary felt a lump under his chin. He got X-rayed... Dr. Mc discovered the ABSCESS... (thought it must be an abscessed tooth) and made arrangements for Robbie to be seen at Univ. of Tn. Knoxville, Exotic Animal Clinic on the 12th. They removed the abscess AND part of his jaw bone and kept him up there for 8 days trying to kept him flushed out enough to do the BEADS. They finally sent him home with us after showing us how to flush him.
    That's when we started trying to find out about all this... got on EB... and found you and your "disciples".  Dr. Mc was real leary of the Beads, and was thrilled to death when we found you and your method... (remember, he had some experience with Bicillin and rodents when he was in the Lab at Vanderbilt here in Nashville).
    Robbie started on the Bicillin Nov.21st, 3 times a week. Jan.9th he started on 2 times a week. Everybody at his Vet thinks Bicillin is some 'miracle cure"...(which it is!) Dr. Mc thinks that all he can feel under there is scar tissue... Robbie has none of the thick swelling he had after really can't feel anything but this little "pin prick" type something (???).  And he's gained all of his weight back and then some...Hillary said they called him a little "pig " today... (she takes him to Dr. Mc faithfully... we opted NOT to try the shots
   Anyway...Robbie is fabulous, thanks to you and your Research and dedication to these funny little guys!

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