Bea's Bunny Cases

Norman Henry:
    Norman Henry suffered with an abscess actually inside his jawbone.  He underwent two surgeries to try and eradicate the abscess, both times beads were implanted. He also continued the traditional antibiotics: chloramphenicol, baytril, SMZ. He began bicillin treatments on October
14, 2000. He was treated with injections of Bi-Pen #48 at 0.5 ml every other day for 90 days. He is abscess free to this date.  There were absolutely no side effects from the bicillin treatment.
Actually, a side benefit of the treatment was that Norman Henry's long term problems with pasturella lessened tremendously.

    Flame, a 9 year old bunny, was plagued for 18 months with twin abscesses on his chin. In those 18 months he underwent 11 surgeries complete with bead implantation, chloramphenicol, baytril, and SMZ. A week after his surgeries, his abscesses would reappear. He also started the BiPen treatment on October 14, along with Norman Henry. He also received 0.5 ml every other day. He is abscess free as of this date.  Flame also had absolutely no side effects from the treatment.

   It took about 2 weeks of bicillin administration before both bunnies responded to the therapy.

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