Jacqueline Urla

Associate Professor
European Program Director

Modern European Studies Program Director


Department of Anthropology
UMass Amherst

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Selected Publications

Deviant Bodies: Critical Perspectives on Difference in Science and Popular Culture. Jennifer Terry and Jacqueline Urla, eds. Race, Gender and Science Series. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

The Voice of the People Recast as Language of Terrorism. Times Higher Education Supplement. Special Feature: Do Human Rights stand a chance in post 9-11? August 29, 2003. pgs. 18-19

“Euskara: The ‘terror’ of a minority European language”. Anthropology Today. August 2003.

Kafe Antzokia: The Global meets the Local in Basque Cultural Politics. Papeles del CEIC. No. 10 (October 2003) Electronic publication of the Centro de Estudios sobre la Identidad Colectiva. University of the Basque Country. ISSN: 1695-6494. www.ehu.es/CEIC

"We are all Malcolm X!" Negu Gorriak, Hip Hop and the Basque Political Imaginary. In, Global Noise: Hip Hop Outside the USA. Tony Mitchell, ed. Wesleyan University Press. 2001.

Outlaw Language. Creating Alternative Public Spheres in Basque Free Radio.” Reprint. In, The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital. Lisa Lowe and David Lloyd, eds. Duke University Press. 1997.

1993 "Cultural Politics in an Age of Statistics: Numbers, Nations and the Making of Basque Identity." American Ethnologist 20(4):818-843.



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