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valid for spring 2010 semester (see below for final grade rubric)

PERCENTAGE _____________________LETTER GRADE

95-100________________________ A (4.0)

90-94_________________________A- (3.7)

86-89________________________ B+ (3.3)

85 ___________________________B (3.0)

80-84_________________________ B- (2.7)

76-79___________________________C+ (2.3)

75____________________________C (2.0)

70-74___________________________ C- (1.7)

66-69___________________________D+ (1.3)

65______________________________D (1.2?)

60-64____________________________D- (1.0)

Below 60_____________________F (0.0)

Note: According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Ombuds Office, there is no standard for
letter grades; faculty may make an "A," "A-," "B+," etc. anything they wish in terms of numerical equivalent.

Calculation of Grades

Six quizzes: 80%

Engagement: 20%



Engagement credit (20 % of final grade):

1. There were a total of 7 engagement exercises. Every student gets to drop one assignment, no questions asked. For students who attended all 7 engagement exercises, we will drop the assignment where the student did not earn extra points (i.e. where they did not earn 100% PLUS extra points). If we must drop one of the 100% PLUS extra points assignments, we will add these points to the student's final grade. The engagement portion of the grade, therefore, is divided by 6.


1. Each student may drop one quiz--their lowest score. If the quiz dropped has extra credit points, we have added these extra credit points to the student's final grade.

2. Bouncing Quiz: We take the remaining 5 Quiz scores. If Quiz #6 is higher than any of those 4 Quiz scores, the lowest remaining Quiz score is replaced by the score of Quiz #6. If Quiz #6 is lower than any of those 4 remaining Quiz scores, Quiz #6 does not bounce.

Extra credit added to the final grades:

1. We added three points to the final grades of the following students listed at:

2. We added three points to the final grades of students who viewed the "The Longing" and demonstrated this in their answers written on the last page of Quiz #6.

And now for the math!

Let's say the average of the 5 quizzes is 86. Calculate 86 x .8=17.68.8 points

Let's say the average of the engagement is 70. Calculate 70 x .2=14 points

The student's final grade is 68.8 + 14=82.8

Then we added the extra credit points. Let's say this student had 3 extra credit points from the dropped quiz, and another 4 points total for various engagement assignments for which they earned above 100%. The final grade would thus be 82.8 + 7=89.8. This student receives a B+. The professor will decide whether or not to jack the student up to an A-.

Students should contact Ms. Molina a week from this Friday (May 14) if they wish a final grade breakdown. If you suspect a grading error, hold on to your quizzes and contact the Professor, with a cc to Ms. Molina.



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