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A member of the University of Massachusetts community, I maintain a professional home page: >> Joe Kunkel's Home Page << at our Biology Department WWW site.   I also maintain a teaching home page: >> Joe Kunkel's Teaching Page << at our Biological Computer Resource Center. You will find more detailed descriptions there of my professional biological interests and projects.
At this site I am more interested in sharing an insight into what one professor's private life is like. Here I feature a few ideas and images of the three sabbaticals which I have taken with my family in my past 30 years on the faculty here. These sabbaticals are meant to recharge the batteries of faculty who take advantage of that great institution, THE SABBATICAL. I am particularly interested in sharing this information due to the distressing trend in the past years of faculty forgoing their right to spend a year away from campus. This trend makes us a smaller university every time it is extended, for whatever reason. I hope to assuage the young faculty's fears that planning a sabbatical can often inspire with tales from my own experiences. This historical right, falling into disuse, is an example of the wise saying "use it or lose it!".  Of particular note should be a link below to the U. Wisconsin faculty who have made a statement on how they view the sabbatical process and how it should be awarded, evaluated and considered.

A Sabbatical Primer

Some available (and typical) deffinitions of 'sabbatical':
Does your university have a readily accessible sabbatical policy statement?   Please send any additions or changes you have noted to Joe Kunkel, at Joe Kunkel's Sabbaticals: Some Sources of Funding and Strategic Planning for Sabbaticals:

Acknowledgements: I give homage to my partner of 38 years, Gerda Kunkel, who has played a large part in the sabbaticals as well as the years in between. My sons, Peter and David, endured (and enjoyed?) the first two sabbaticals, ripped from their familiar Amherst surroundings and planted in strange places.

Authored by Joe Kunkel,  Last updated 9/08/2002.