Crysta's Whelping Box

Feb. 20, 2002

Crysta is expecting her first litter this March

so we decided that it was time to build a new whelping box to keep her puppies safe and warm. First we gathered ideas from other breeders. Then we gathered our materials together and went about the task of constructing the box for comfort, safety, and warmth. Our neighbor builds custom furniture, so he had all the tools necessary to suppliment our needs. Most of the materials were odds and ends we either had or acquired from friends. I only had to purchase four corner braces for the pig rails and two boards.

I need a whelping box!

Jordy and I are expecting the pitter-patter of little paw prints soon ;-)

[Jordy is also known as -
CH KrisMyth Command Performance]

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Let's get started . . .

I think we have all of the parts now - and those puppies are going to be coming soon!

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What a nice design . . .

I just love the pattern in the wood and the door closes nicely to keep those babies contained while they are small.

We should thank Olive for the linolium floor idea. That will certainly help with cleanup!

And I love that little mouse hole! Oh, its not for the mice? Its for the electric cord for the puppies' heating pad.

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Look at those extra parts . . .

We still need to put the pig rail together so I won't accidently squish a puppy when I lie down. It even looks like it could be a picture frame on legs!

I like the fact that you can take it out of my box during whelping so I have more room. Then, when its in the box, it will hold the blankies in place ;-) and you can take it out for cleaning, etc.

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That's better . . .

The pig rail fits very nicely. I'm sure the puppies will appreciate it. I also hear that it will work as a head rest for me.

Those blankies are really nice! Where did you find those cute teddy bears? They remind me of my toys when I was younger.

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Whew . . .

That was a lot of work!

I think the puppies and I need to take a little snooze. You put the finishing touches on - then I'll try it out for size.

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Wait a minute . . .

I didn't expect to get stuck in here this soon! Oh, its just a "fitting."

Well, I must admit . . . its not bad with the view I have. At least I can stay right in the middle of things and keep an eye on everyone else. I'm a social kinda gal ;-)

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