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ACL Software Directory for the Classics (partial), copyright 1999 Rob Latousek, published by the American Classical League, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056; phone: 513-529-7741; fax: 513-529-7742. The complete directory is a 100+ page booklet, containing descriptions and more detailed information on every program contained in this listing (except very recent additions), as well as discussions on most major topics. The cost is $10 ($8 for ACL members), plus $5 for shipping and handling. (No royalties are received by the author.)


Greek Too, a site created and maintained by Ginny Lindzey: This site focuses on Greek pedagogy, attempting to encourage more Latin teachers to offer their students at least the basics of Classical Greek. The Texas Classical Association also hopes that this site will be useful as a resource to Greek teachers. Latin teachers are encouraged to contribute their ideas for promoting and developing Greek in schools, reviews of teaching materials, and short articles to this site.

Latinteach, "Where Latin Teachers Meet In Cyberspace," is an online e-mail discussion forum for Latin teachers. The goal of Latinteach is to provide a meeting place for Latin teachers to share ideas about pedagogy, teaching methodology, techniques and strategies. archives of past discussions, book reviews, lesson plans, interesting links, articles and webrings of interest to Latin teachers are available at this site. Latinteach also provides an extensive page of Ancient Greek Language links by Sharon Kazmierski.

Michael Myers has a Classical Greek Teachers' Email list; this list is a vehicle for the Classical Christian Greek Teachers support group, serving those who teach Greek in Christian schools or in homeschools. It is modelled after the CCSLatinTeachers list. One may subscribe to this email list by sending an email to, with the word "Subscribe" as the title and the content of the email message.

The Julius Caesar Web Project is an electronic resource for Latin and Classics teachers, created by TJ Howell of Belchertown High School, Belchertown, MA.

Caesar was originally taught in intermediate Latin classes because his clear, well-organized, and plain prose made him an ideal candidate for students' first exposure to authentic Latin literature. He was, along with Cicero and Vergil, a staple author in several Latin textbook series, including Jenney and Latin for Americans. In the recent revolution against grammar-first textbooks, however, Caesar seems to have become a casualty. The Ecce Romani series includes almost no Caesar. Neither does the Oxford Latin Course. This may be because the passages traditionally picked by older textbook series bore modern students and teachers.

The idea behind Making Caesar Fun Again! is just that - to restore interest in Caesar and his being taught at the intermediate level. Careful selection of Caesar passages can satisfy the original intent of his inclusion at the intermediate level (easy to read prose with predictable vocabulary) while providing interesting and more relevant reading material to modern students. Added to this base reading material is a skin of classroom materials and atmosphere that provide a more immersive and enjoyable Caesarian experience.

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