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Gilbert Lawall will no longer be editing CANE Instructional Materials. John R. McVey is the new Editor. Please address questions to: CANE Instructional Materials can now be ordered directly from the CANE web site.


To visit ECCE ROMANI Teachers' Corner, click on the links provided.

Please contribute lesson plans, teaching tips, pedagogical strategies, exercises, work sheets, sample quizzes and exams, projects, reviews of books, videos, and computer programs of use to ECCE teachers, and any other types of material that would help ECCE teachers.

All material must be submitted on white 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper with normal margins (1 inch at top and bottom and 1.25 inches at either side) in camera-ready form. It will then be scanned into my web site as pdf files that can be read by teachers on my web site and that they can print out for their use. Submissions should be sent through the US mails to Gilbert Lawall (address below). They will be reviewed for suitability and accuracy. When changes are necessary, submissions will be returned to the author for revision. Submissions must contain no copyrighted material, with the exception of material in the ECCE ROMANI textbook series, as necessary. Once posted on my web site, submissions will be available for use by anyone at no charge.

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