Roman Heroics - Handout E

Nömen mihi est: _____________________

Provided Translation

A Literal Translation of Roman Heroics

Numbers in brackets refer to the line number where the sentence begins.

[1] When there was a very fierce hand-to-hand battle and the enemy was putting faith in their position and number, but our own troops in their courage, suddenly the Aeduans, whom Caesar had sent from the right side in another direction to distract an enemy unit, were seen on our open flank.

[3] These troops, because of the similarity of their arms, thoroughly scared our men, and although they noticed the right shoulders having been uncovered, a sign which had been decided to be peaceful, nevertheless the soldiers thought that it itself had been done by the enemies for the sake of tricking them.

[6] At the same time Lucius Fabius, together with all the centurions who had climbed the wall, having been surrounded and killed, were flung from the wall.

[8] Marcus Petronius, a centurion of the same legion, when he tried to break down the gate, was overwhelmed by a great number of men and, despairing of his own life with many wounds having already been received, said to his men who had followed him, Since I cannot save myself and you, I will at least look after your lives that I, led by a desire for glory, took into danger.

[12] With the ability having been given, look after yourselves.

[13] At the same time he rushed into the middle of the enemy and, with two having been killed, he forced the rest a little way back from the gate.

[14] To his own men who were trying to help him he said, You try to save my life in vain, for whom blood and strength are already failing.

[15] Leave now, while the ability is present, and return yourselves to the legion.

[16] And so fighting for a few moments he fell, and he was a source of safety to his men.