Game Theory Evolving:
A Problem-centered Introduction to Evolutionary Game Theory
Second Edition (2009)

Herbert Gintis (

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Completely Rewritten Chapter 13: Stochastic Dynamical Systems
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Introductory Material


Chapter 1: Game Theory: Probability Theory

Chapter 2: Bayesian Decision Theory

Chapter 3: Game Theory: Basic Concepts

Chapter 4: Eliminating Dominated Strategies

Chapter 5: Pure Strategy Nash Equilibria

Chapter 6: Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria

Chapter 7: Principal-agent Models

Chapter 8: Signaling Gameds

Chapter 9: Evolutionarily Stable Strategies

Chapter 10: Repeated Games

Chapter 11: Dynamical Systems

Chapter 12: Evolutionary Dynamics

Chapter 13: Markov Economies and Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Chapter 14: Table of Symbols

Chapter 15: Answers

Game Theory Evolving (First Edition, 2000,

Errata for First Printing of Game Theory Evolving (2000)