The Bounds of Reason:
Game Theory and the Unification
the Behavioral Sciences

Herbert Gintis

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Chapter 1. Decision Theory and Human Behavior

Chapter 2. Game Theory: Basic Concepts

Chapter 3: Game Theory and Human Behavior

Chapter 4: Rationalizability and Common Knowledge of Rationality

?>arget="HGintisDownload"> Chapter 5: Extensive Form Rationalizability

Chapter 6: The Mixing Problem

Chapter 7: Bayesian Rationality and Social Epistemology

Chapter 8: Common Knowledge and Nash Equilibrium

Chapter 9: Reflective Reason and Equilibrium Refinements

Chapter 10: The Analytics of Human Sociality

Chapter 11: The Endowment Effect and the Evolution of Private Property

Chapter 12: The Unification of the Behavioral Sciences

Chapter 13: Summary

Chapter 14: Table of Symbols

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