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Situation 3: Prostitution as an occupation

Sex. Sex sells. It always has and it always will. That's an accepted fact of life. Prostitution is acknowledged as the oldest profession and it will always be plentiful in some form or another. Take for example an arranged marriage in which a woman is married off to some guy so that she will be taken care of and no longer be a burden on her father's household. Maybe the father even gets something out of the deal, say he gets a pig. He has just sold his daughter into sex for a pig and to ease a financial crunch. Is that prostitution? Think about it.

Prostitution is like any other sex service from strippers to porn films to Playboy. Why shouldn't it be accepted? Many feminists argue that it portrays women in a bad way. I personally think that feminists give women a bad wrap too. They are always complaining about what is wrong and saying how things should be different and yet they don't do anything to change it. They should look deeper into issues to see where the problem is coming from before they just pin it on the XY chromosome. I know that it used to be that women who were involved in the sex industry were not there of their own volition. Many had abusive boyfriends or were starving on the street in need of food. Today though, many women are proud to be in the sex industry. There are people who strip to pay for their college educations and there are those who make a lot of money off of what they do. It is no longer the typical stupid flake who gets naked on tables in bars, confident, intelligent women do it too.

And why not? Especially when there is so much money to be had doing it. Everyone could profit. I say legalize prostitution all over the country, as they have in Nevada. There will always be a demand for it and as long as the proper precautions are taken it can be relatively safe. Have the girls use protection. Make laws forcing them to be tested every few months. If there are set places for the girls to take their Johns it would be far safer then it is now (fewer beatings and less murders). That's right, Whorehouses. the best part about this all, besides public health and safety, is that legally you could tax it all.

Use the taxes to lessen the National Deficit. Property taxes on the Whorehouses. Tax the wages of the girls and the madams. It's a huge cash cow. If it is a conscious decision on the part of the girl I see no problems with it. In fact, I applaud it. I say, now there goes a strong woman who knows what she " wants and goes after it.

As for those who claim that it's morally wrong, I disagree. Just because you think that what one person chooses to do is wrong doesn't mean it is. For example a man might want to become a priest. I could pipe up and say, "Well, I don't believe in Catholicism, or that there is a god and therefore I will not permit you to become a priest; it goes against my morals". He would laugh at me and then go join the order. There are also a lot of women who feel that if prostitution is legal their going to go to Whorehouses. All I have to say to that is, "Honey, if your husband wanted to he could find it anywhere". In fact, I think these women are just not confident in themselves of the stability in their marriages. It sounds more like a personal problem than a social one. In conclusion I am all for it, as a woman and as a tax payer. The money which has been lost already through medical treatments, pregnancy problems and prevention, police wages to arrest prostitutes and johns, court appearances, hotlines and help programs, and all of the other things which are just too many to enumerate, if it could ever be calculated, would be staggering. There's also the money lost by not taxing what is obviously a very lucrative business. Had it been any other business the IRS would be all over it like a cheap hooker (a joke--ha, ha). It's really a waste that people can't put things into a different perspective..

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