Economics 103
Spring 2003, Prof. Nancy Folbre

General description of Economics 103 and its requirements.

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Homework Assignments: Problems and answers.  Answers to H. #8

Lecture Notes: From the horse's mouth.  May 12  & May 14

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Archives: Lectures and homework assignments from Fall, 2002


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Final Exam: Saturday, May 17, 4PM  at Totman Gym
State Senator Stan Rosenberg on the drunken riots of this week: "The very life of the university is at stake, and the last thing the Legislature needs to see is a group of UMass students behaving like stereotypical soccer hooligans."
April 30 Lecture: The link to the lecture for April 30 has been repaired. 
Hint for Ch. 13, #3
Lecture notes typo: In the notes for the March 26 lecture, the number "$1,728" was incorrectly shown as "$1,278." This has now been corrected. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused. 
Build UMass
"Talking points"
on the Build UMass Teach-in from the Mass. Society of Professors. 9k pdf)
Build UMass Fact Sheet Facts and figures, with sources. (12k pdf)