Dinsmore Research Group


A. D. Dinsmore

We study the statistical mechanics of "soft condensed matter:" colloids, vesicles, emulsions, nanoparticle suspensions and other squishy things. Our experiments probe the relationships between inter-particle forces, structure, and dynamics of many-bodied systems -- relationships that are central to research in condensed-matter physics.

We use this fundamental understanding to develop materials at the nanometer scale. Self-assembled materials have truly unique mechanical, optical and electronic properties with applications in nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.

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We apply optical imaging in 2D and 3D; laser tweezers and micromanipulation; a station for vis-IR optical spectroscopy of microscopic samples; and a lab for synthesis of polymeric, metallic, semiconducting and insulating particles, droplets, and membranes. A fast camera system is on the way (w/ Menon, Candela, and Easwar).

Our group meetings (w/ Levine, Menon) are Fridays at 1:30 in Has409.

  • Who we are:
    • Tony Dinsmore, PI
      (Publications and cv).
      Office Tel: (413) 545-3786.
      Fax: 545-1691.
    • Versa Clark
    • Kazem Edmond
    • Christian Guertin
    • Chris Knutson
    • Ryan McGorty
    • Xiaotao Peng
    • Jing Zhou

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  • Contact:

      Department of Physics, Hasbrouck Lab
      666 N. Pleasant St. Amherst, MA 01003
      Lab: Hasbrouck 313
      Lab phone: (413) 545-1297

Assembly and Interactions at liquid interfaces:
Nanoparticle membranes formed on droplets;
Self-assembled capsules for delivery (colloidosomes);
Electrostatic & capillary forces at interfaces;
Spherical crystals -- the Thomson problem.
[encapsulation][nanoparticles on droplets; phase separation]

Random solids - colloidal and protein gels:
Thermal motions, forces, topology, and elasticity;
Drying and cracking of gels.
[3D colloidal gel] [2D colloidal gel]

Colloids and Optics:
Photonic crystals and the photonic band gap;
Effect of disorder on optical properties;
Fabrication and spectroscopy.
[photonic cartoon] [iridescence]

Colloids and Electronics:
Metallic colloidal spheres;
Formation of wires in insulating fluids;
Transport of charge in suspensions.

Former Projects:

Crystallization of colloidal particles:

Entropic forces near rigid
and flexible surfaces:
and particles] [entropic
force fields]

Doped semiconductor nanoparticles:
[light emission]

dinsmore@physics.umass.edu, 1/2003