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We study the statistical mechanics of soft matter: colloids, vesicles, emulsions, nanoparticle suspensions and other squishy things. Our experiments probe the relationships among inter-particle forces, structure, and dynamics of many-bodied systems -- relationships that are central to research in condensed-matter physics.

We also apply this fundamental understanding to develop materials at the nanometer scale. Self-assembled materials have truly unique mechanical, optical and electronic properties with applications in nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.

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Here is the schedule for the UMass Soft Matter Journal Club.

If you are an undergraduate student, check out the new UMass Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons). If you are a graduate student, check out the UMass Summer School on Soft Solids and Complex Fluids.

Who we are:
  • Tony Dinsmore, PI
    (Publications and cv).
  • Austin Barnes (headed to UCSB for grad school)
  • Wei He
  • Wei Hong
  • Richard Kenyon
  • Amanda LaFauci
  • Joseph Lawrence
  • Charles Lewis
  • Sebastian Russell (headed to Columbia for grad school)
  • Madeline Sauleda
  • Nesrin Senbil
  • Derek Wood
  • Yipeng Yang
  • We collaborate extensively with our colleagues in Physics, Chemistry, Polymer Science & Engineering, and Mechanical & Industrial Engineering.

    Group photo 7/2013 -- but Wei He and Wei Hong were away... [group 7/2013, missing Wei He and Wei Hong]
Group Alumni: Hugo Bissig (Swiss National Metrology Institute); Versa Clark (M.S.'05); Kan Du (Ph.D.,'10; NIST); Kapil Easwar, Kazem Edmond (B.S.'04; Emory Physics, now at NYU Physics); Susan Gibilisco, Matt Gratale (B.S. 08; UPenn Physics); Christian Guertin (M.S.'03;Vermont Photonics);Soichi Hirokawa (Bowdoin Coll.; REU 2013) now at Caltech; Brandon Hoover (NIH post-bac program; Univ. Wisconsin-Madison Biophysics); Ryan Horton; Jaime Hutchison (Ph.D., Jan 24, 2013; now postdoc with Vernita Gordon at UT Austin); Chris Knutson (M.S.'04; Arryx); Rui Kong (M.S.'05; Suez Energy); David Lawrence (B.S.'06; NYU Law Schl); Randy Leiter; Nate Lindzen (B.S. in Chemistry '07); Simona Maccarrone (postdoc, '09-'11); Yutaka Maki (B.S.'05; SUNY Coll. Optometry); Ryan McGorty (B.S.'05; Harvard Physics,now at UCSF); Jessica Meese (Carnegie-Mellon); John Mergo; Melissa Motew (B.S.'02; Lincoln Lab). Debo Olaosebikan (Illinois Wesleyan U.);Liquan Pei, Xiaotao Peng (Ph.D. '07; Alliance Fiber Optics Products); Tim Prisk (B.S.'07; Indiana U.);Ellie Radue; Susmitha Saripalli; John Savage (Ph.D. '07; postdoc at Cornell, now at Liquidia); Chuan Zeng (Ph.D. '11; Resident Fellow, Dept of Radiation Oncology, UPenn Perelman Hospital), Jing Zhou (Ph.D. '07, Xerox)

Prof. Dinsmore's Teaching:

  • Spring 2013:
  • Previous semesters:


    We gratefully acknowledge support from the following organizations:
    National Science Foundation.

    ACS Petroleum Research Fund
    Department of Energy EFRC: Polymer-Based Materials for Harvesting Solar Energy

    Xerox Corporation University Affairs Cmtee.

    Kraft Foods, Inc.

    National Aeronautics & Space Administration.
  • Solid Particles at Liquid Interfaces:
    Energy, interactions & curvature (Nesrin Senbil, Wei He, Wei Hong, Soichi Hirokawa).
    [curvature-capillary forces] [two spheres: capillary curvature] [measuring capillary force and geometry]

    Novel Functional Materials via Colloidal Assembly:
    For photovoltaics (Yipeng Yang, Austin Barnes, Ryan Horton), membranes, or electronics (Kan Du). See Vanmaekelbergh's 'News and Views' review of our work.
    binary nanoparticle structure [nanoparticle membrane] binary nanoparticle

    Lipid bilayer vesicles:
    Phase transitions and membrane proteins; pipette aspiration and the role of tension (Jaime Hutchison, Derek Wood).
    [vesicle with phase-separated domains] [vesicle under tension via pipette]

    Melting, Freezing, and Packing of colloids:
    Packing and commensurability constraints on curved surfaces; Nucleation probed with single-particle resolution (Derek Wood, Liquan Pei, John Mergo).
    [colloidal crystal] [structure of crystals on cylindrical surfaces]

    Granular Media:
    Electrostatic charge, contact forces, structure and stress (Brandon Hoover, Austin Barnes)
    [Charged sandpile] [Charged sandpile]

    Phase separation (coacervation) in polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures: Self-assembled mesoscopic clusters. (Simona Maccarrone)

    Random Solids - gels and compressed emulsions:
    Forces, topology, and elasticity; imaging droplets.
    [3D droplet pile] [3D colloidal gel] [Image of droplet resting on glass]

    Former Projects:

    Colloids and Optics:
    Scattering and diffusion of light in randomly packed films.
    [photonic cartoon] [opaque random media]

    Cylindrical Fluid Structures: hydrodynamic
    focusing of viscoelastic fluids.
    [Fluid cylinder] [Hollow elastic cylinder]

    Entropic forces near rigid
    and flexible surfaces:
and particles] [entropic
force fields]

    Doped semiconductor nanoparticles:
    [light emission]

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