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The Heat Storage System

Design Goals: For plants to thrive, temperatures during the heating season cannot be left to swing wildly. This temperature moderation should be separated from fresh air ventilation. Excess heat during the heating season should not be vented to the outside. It should be stored for later use. The heat storage system should not reduce or restrict greenhouse floor space. It should be sized to handle the expected excess heat that might be produced on a sunny day during the heating season. Ideally, the heat should be stored below the root zone of the plants. This is to protect plants from shock that might occur when the greenhouse air temperature rises suddenly on a sunny morning, but the roots are still cold.

The Design: Design description and construction details will be added soon.



fan Dayton 24" Venturi Exhaust Fan 6.6A Model #9K955A 1/2 HP 1725 rpm from Grainger $458
3" stone    
welded wire    
12" hollow block    


Stones partially loaded.
View of plenum.

Materials: Will be added soon.

Resources: Tables for pressure drop through the rock bed came from Passive Solar Design Handbook Volume Two: Passive Solar Design Analysis by D. Balcomb for the Department of Energy, 1980.

Performance data: Will be added during Winter 2001/2002.