• by Richard S. Bogartz
  • Praeger Publishers. 1994. 584 pages. 0-275-94720-3 $59.95
  • This book is for students taking either a first-year graduate statistics course or an advanced undergraduate statistics course in Psychology. Enough introductory statistics is briefly reviewed to bring everyone up to speed. The book is highly user-friendly without sacrificing rigor, not only in anticipating students' questions, but also in paying attention to the introduction of new methods and notation. In addition, many topics given only casual or superficial treatment are elaborated here, such as:
    The text is structured for reading in multiple passes of increasing depth; for the student who desires deeper understanding, there are optional sections; for the student who is or becomes proficient in matrix algebra, there are still deeper optional sections. The book is also equipped with an excellent set of class-tested exercises and answers.

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