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1. Review of PubHlth 540
2. Regression and Correlation
3. Discrete Distributions
4. Categorical Data Analysis
5. Logistic Regression
6. Introduction to Survival Analysis
7. Analysis of Variance
8. Repeated Measures Analysis
9. Nonparametrics

6. Survival Analysis

Scroll down for (1) PubHlth 640 2015 (2) Additional Readings and Videos (3) Stata Users (4) R Users, and (5) Other (Applets, Calcculators, etc.)

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(1) PubHlth 640 - 2015
Lecture Notes - 2015
Text: Rosner B. Fundamentals of Biostatistics, Seventh Edition. Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning. 2011
Chapter 14.8-14.11 Survival Analysis pp 758-783.
(Source: John Mc Gready, Johns Hopkins SPH) Statistical Reasoning I Lecture 7 - The Case for Survival Analysis (pdf, 109 slides)
(Source: UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education - IDRE) Survival Analysis with Stata (html)
Homework Exercises due
SOLUTIONS to homework

(2) Additional Readings and Videos

(Source: University of Washington Biostat 515 Lecture 15) Introduction to Survival Analysis (html)
(Source: University of Washington Biostat 515 Lecture 16)
Regression with Time to Event (html)
(Source: University of Washington Biostat 515 Lecture 17)
Cox PH Models (html)

(Source: John McGready Johns Hopkins University) When Time is of Interest: The Case for Survival Analysis (html)

(Source: Richard Lowry, Vassar Stats) Kaplan Meier Probabilities (html)



(3) Stata Users

(Source: UCLA Academic Technology Services) Introduction to Survival Analysis with STATA - Background (html)
(Source: UCLA Academic Technology Services Statistical Consulting) Survival Analysis with Stata (html)
(Source: UCLA Academic Technology Services Statistical Consulting) Examples from Text by Hosmer, Lemeshow & May (html)

(4) R Users


(5) Other (Applets, Calculators, etc.)
(Source: UCLA Academic Technology Services) Survival Analysis with SAS (html)








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