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1. Review of PubHlth 540
2. Regression and Correlation
3. Discrete Distributions
4. Categorical Data Analysis
5. Logistic Regression
6. Introduction to Survival Analysis
7. Analysis of Variance
8. Repeated Measures Analysis
9. Nonparametrics


" Technical skills, like fire, can be an admirable servant
and a dangerous master."
- A. Bradford Hill (1971)

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k (Week 14): April 27 - May 1, 2015
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Exam 3 due Wednesday May 6, 2015 Questions (pdf, 9 pp)

Welcome to PubHlth640, Intermediate Biostatistics!
Spring 2015
Instructor: Carol Bigelow

This course is the second of a two semester introduction to biostatistics, PubHlth 540 and PubHlth 640. The objective of this course is to expand upon the basic concepts and intution of statistical reasoning developed in the first semester to selected applications of biostatistical analysis: simple and multiple normal theory linear regression, multiple contingency table analysis, logistic regression, and analysis of variance. Time permitting, this course also includes introductions to survival analysis, repeated measures data, and nonparametric methods.

Beginning Spring 2015, we will be using R (within RStudio) and Stata. Students can choose.

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