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Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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Summarizing Data
Introduction to Probability
Populations and Samples

Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions
Normal Distribution
Hypothesis Testing
Chi Square Tests

Topic 1 - Summarizing Data

Scroll down for (1) PubHlth 540 2008, (2) Links to Additional Readings, (3) Links to Illustrative Applets, (4) Links to Calculators, and (5) Computer Illustrations, and (6) Miscellaneous.

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(1) PubHlth 540 2008
Lecture Notes Topic 1. Summarizing Data (pdf, 47 pp)
Reading in Text (Rosner, 6th Edition) Part I - Graphical Methods: pp 28-35
Reading in Text (Rosner, 6th Edition) Part II - Descriptive Statistics: pp 6-27
Week 1 Practice Problems Part I (pdf, 2 pp) Solutions (pdf, 8 pp)
Week 2 Practice Problems Part II (pdf, 3 pp) Solutions (pdf, 10 pp)

Self Evaluation Quiz (pdf, 2 pp) Solutions (pdf, 6 pp)
new! 10-5-2008 FAQ: Equivalence of the two formulae for sample variance (pdf 1 pp)

(2) Links to Additional Readings (articles, lectures, tutorials, powerpoint, etc)

Course Preliminaries
(Source: David Lane at Connexions) Summation Notation (html)
(Source: Mathcenter July 18 2008) Review of Summation notation, including worked examples (html)

(Source: Frank Wattenberg, Montana State University)
Review of Summation notation (html)
(Source: Duane Kouba, University of California Davis)
More Advanced Introduction to Summation notation (html)
(Source: PubHlth 540)
Review of Logarithms and Exponents (pdf, 3 pp)

Graphical Summaries
(Source:  S.D. Cochran, UCLA) Summarizing Data Graphcially (html)
(Source: Oswego City Schools Regents) Stem and Leaf Diagrams (html)
(Source: Oswego City Schools Regents) How to Construct a Box and Whisker Plot (html)
(Source: Stat Trek AP Statistics) Box and Whisker Plots (html)
(Source: Stat Trek AP Statistics) Bar Graphs and Histograms (html)
(Source: NIST Engineering Statistics Handbook) Quantile-Quantile Plot (html)
(Source: Purple Math) Stem/Leaf Plots and Histogram (html)

Numerical Summaries
(Source: Stephen J. Gould) "The Median Isn't the Message" (pdf, 4 pp)

(Source:  S.D. Cochran, UCLA) Summarizing Numerically (html)

(3) Links to Illustrative Applets

(Source: Maths Net Online) Summation Notation, including worked examples (html)
(Source: Utah State University) Box and Whisker Plot (html)
(Source: W. Webster, University of South Carolina) Histogram applet using Old Faithful Geyser Data Set (html)

(4) Links to Calculators
(Source:  Shodor Education) Bar Graph (html)
(Source:  Shodor Education) Stem and Leaf (html)
(Source: Shodor Education) Box and Whisker Plot (html)
(Source: Utah State University) Box and Whisker Plot (html)
(Source: SOCRE Educational Materials at UCLA)
Box Plot (html)
(Source: Shodor Education) Histogram (html)
(Source: SOCRe Educational Materials at UCLA) Histogram (html)
(Source: SOCR Educational Materials at UCLA) Full Online Resource for Charts and Plots (html)

(5) Computer Illustrations
Data set needed is geyser1.dat (download)

     -  After opening this data set, use FILE > SAVE AS to download
     -   Be sure to save as a "txt' file and then rename with ".dat" extension.
(Source:  PubHlth 540 Summarizing Data Using Minitab (pdf, 11 pp)

(Source:  PubHlth 540 Summarizing Data Using SAS (pdf, 12 pp)

(Source:  PubHlth 540 Summarizing Data Using SPSS (pdf, 10 pp)

(Source:  PubHlth 540 Summarizing Data Using STATA (pdf, 11 pp)

(Source:  PubHlth 540 Summarizing Data Using R (pdf, 9 pp)

(6) Miscellaneous
Tip - How to download a data set
__   Click on the link to open the data set.
__   With the data set open, click on FILE.
__    From drop down menu, click on SAVE AS



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