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Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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Table of Contents

Summarizing Data
Introduction to Probability
Populations and Samples

Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions
Normal Distribution
Hypothesis Testing
Chi Square Tests


This web page provides links to a variety of resources. Provided are links to technical assistance, other PubHlth540 sections, introductions to computer basics, software downloads, software tutorials.

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Some Useful Background
Logarithms and Exponents (pdf)
Summation Notation Explained (html)

URL's for the Computation of Normal Distribution Probabilities

           Stanford Univ. Applet for Calculations of Standard Normal Probabilities
           Normal Distribution calculator (Colorado State University, I think)
           David Lane Normal Distribution Calculator
           Another Standard Normal Distribution Calculator

URL's for the Computation of Other Distribution Probabilities

ASA Section on Statistical Education

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative (html)


Computer Basics

Minitab Resources
Minitab - Home page.
5 and 12 Month Minitab Rentals From e-Academy
Online Minitab Documentation provided by Minitab Corporation
Minitab Tutorials from the Minitab Website
Minitab Tutorials by E. Bevilacqua
Illustration for Unit 1 - Summarizing Data (pdf, 11 pp)
Selected Minitab Instructions (source:  Georgetown University)
Minitab 14 - Confidence Interval Estimation for ONE Population (pdf, 7 pp)

SPSS Resources
Illustration for Unit 1 - Summarizing Data (pdf, 10 pp)
UCLA SPSS Starter Kit

STATA Resources

STATA Illustration - Summarizing Data
UCLA STATA Starter Kit
Functions Related to the Binomial (Source:  STATA Services)
Using DISPLAY function for calculations and probabilities( Source:  Harvard)
Introduction to STATA (Source: Brown University)
Brief STATA Reference Page (Source:  University of Iowa)
STATA Tools for Epidemiologists (sorry I can't figure out source)


SAS Resources

SAS Illustration - Summarizing Data
Using SAS to Summarize Data (Source:  Biostatistics, Medical College of Wisconsin)
Using PROC SURVEYSELECT in SAS for simple random sampling with and without replacement (source: UCLA Academic Technology Services) (html)

Statistical Software Tutorials



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