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Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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Summarizing Data
Introduction to Probability
Populations and Samples

Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions
Normal Distribution
Hypothesis Testing
Chi Square Tests

Topic 5 - Normal Distribution

Scroll down for (1) PubHlth 540 2008, (2) Links to Additional Readings, (3) Links to Illustrative Applets, (4) Links to Calculators, and (5) Computer Illustrations, and (6) Miscellaneous.

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(1) PubHlth 540 2008
Lecture Notes Topic 5. The Normal Distribution (pdf, 23 pp)
Reading in Text (Rosner, 6th Edition) pp 122-139
optional Reading in Text (Rosner, 6th Edition) pp 145-150
Week 7 Practice Problems due November 10, 2008 (pdf 1 pp) Solutions (pdf, 5 pp)
Week 8 Practice Problems (pdf, 1 pp) Solutions (pdf, 3 pp)

Self Evaluation Quiz (pdf, 1 pp) Solutions (pdf, 3 pp)

(2) Links to Additional Readings (articles, lectures, tutorials, powerpoint, etc)
The Normal Distribution
(Source: British Medical Journal 1995; 310:298)
Statistics Notes - The Normal Distribution (html)
(Source: Wadsworth Cengage Learning Workshops)
Z Scores (html)

(Source: Stat Trek AP Statistics Tutorial)
Normal Distribution, with worked examples of normal distribution calculations (html)
(Source: Penn State Statistical Education Resources, Laura Simon)
Nice Powerpoint Lecture on the Normal Distribution (html)
(Source: West Virginia University Statistics 101 Modules)
The Normal Distribution w applet (html)
(Source: Module by: David Lane)
History of the Normal Distribution (html)

Central Limit Theorem
(Source: Wadsworth Cengage Learning Workshopts) The Central Limit Theorem (html)
(Source: Penn State Statistical Education Resources, Laura Simon) Sampling Distributions, including the central limit theorem (html)

(3) Links to Illustrative Applets

(Source: McGraw Hill Higher Ed Interactive Statistics) The Normal Distribution (html)
(Source: W.H. Freeman) The Normal Density Curve Applet (html)

(Source: Gallery Maths Online) Applet illustrating the central limit theorem (html)
(Source: Texas A&M) Nice little applet showing correspondance of X and Z-scores (html)
(Source: Rice Virtual Labs in Statistics) Sampling Distributions Applet (html)

(4) Links to Calculators
(Source:  Stanford University Probaility and Quantile Applet) Normal Distribution (html)
(Source: David Lane, HyperStat Online) Calculators for the Normal Distribution (html)
(Source:  Gary H. McClelland Univ. Colorado, Boulder) Nice Normal Distribution Calculators for both probabilities and z-scores (html)

(Source:  Charles Stanton at CSUSB) Normal Distribution Calculator (html)
(Source:  P.B. Stark at Berkely) Standard Normal Distribution Calculator (html)
(Source: Stat Trek Online Statistical Table) Normal Distribution (html)

(5) Computer Illustrations

(6) Miscellaneous
(Source: David Krider at Univ. Kentucky) The Galton Machine Illustrating Basic Probability and the Normal (html)




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