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Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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Table of Contents

Summarizing Data
Introduction to Probability
Populations and Samples

Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions
Normal Distribution
Hypothesis Testing
Chi Square Tests

Topic 4 - Bernoulli and Binomial Distributions

Scroll down for (1) PubHlth 540 2008, (2) Links to Additional Readings, (3) Links to Illustrative Applets, (4) Links to Calculators, and (5) Computer Illustrations.

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(1) PubHlth 540 2008
Lecture Notes Topic 4. The Bernoulli and Binomial Distributions (pdf, 19 pp)
Reading in Text (Rosner, 6th Edition) pp 81-101
Week 6 Practice Problems due Mon November 3, 2008 (pdf, 1 pp) Solutions (pdf, 4 pp)
Self Evaluation Quiz (pdf 1 pp) Solutions (pdf, 2 pp)

(2) Links to Additional Readings (articles, lectures, tutorials, powerpoint, etc)

Expecation and Expected Value
(Source:  Shodor Education Foundation) - Expected Value (html)
(Source:  UCLA SOCRE AP Statistics Curriculum) - Expectation: Mean and Variance (html)

Permutations and Combinations

(Source:  Shodor Education Foundation) - Tables and Combinatorics (html)
(Source:  Math Forum at Drexel) - Permutations and Combinations (html)
(Source:  Keith Calkins) Counting: Permutations and Combinations (html)
(Source:  Wolfram MathWorld) Permutations (html)
(Source:  Wolfram MathWorld) Choose (html)
(Source:  Wolfram MathWorld) Binomial Coefficient (html)

Bernoulli and Binomial Distributions
(Source:  Penn State Educational Resources: Laura Simon) The Binomial Distribution (html)
(Source: University of North Carolina Lecture Notes) The Binomial Distribution (html)
(Source: Stat Trek Statistics Tutorial) The Binomial Distribution (html)
(Source: UCLA SOCR AP Statistics Curriculm 2007) The Bernoulli and Binomial (html)
(Source: PubHlth 540 2003 - Oscar Loirero) The Binomial Distribution (pdf, 15 pp)
(Source: Coventry University, UK) - Discussion and Applications of the Binomial (html)

(3) Links to Illustrative Applets
(Source:  West Virginia University) Binomial Distribuiton Applet (html)
(Source: Vassar Stats) Applet for Understanding Binomial Sampling (html)
(Source: Stanford University 1996) A Nice Little Applet for Visualizing the Binomial Distribution (html)

(4) Links to Calculators
(Source: VassarStats) Binomial Probabilities Calculator (html)
(Source: Texas A&M University) Binomial Probabilities Calculator (html)
(Source: Binomial Probabilities Calculator (html)

(5) Computer Illustrations
(Source:  Mintab) Calculation of Binomial Probabilities (html)
(Source: SAS, by Vince Melfie) Calculation of Probabilties (pdf, 5 pp)




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