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OE exercises are meant to accompany King Alfred's Grammar. If they are not working, make sure your browser is more recent than version 3. If it is, make sure you have javascript enabled. You can enable javascript by going to your preferences/properties and turning it on.

ASPR search engine searches only for literals. In other words, it finds exactly what you ask it to find, no more, no less. If you want to search with more variation, the advanced search allows you to use grep. Grep is a built-in process on the unix (and now linux) system, and there are a number of on-line manuals to help you. Search google for "regular expressions" or "perl grep"; these are unix codes adopted by perl, and can also be accessed by typing man -k grep at a unix prompt.

Parser is a program currently under development here at the UMass English department. At the moment, you can search Beowulf for any line in the poem. You can also pick a random line to test yourself. The parser will isolate pronouns, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, and certain undeclinable adverbs and adjectives. Please let me know if you find an error or have a suggestion.


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