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Grep is a UNIX utility. It permits advanced searches of large text files. (Tutorial here and here [from UNIX manual].) Some of the more common commands are listed in the following pages, and a few examples are offered. Please do not experiment wildly, as a poorly constructed search may monopolize the server (do not, for example, search for the letter "a").

The most common search is for a term. Surround your term with the grep word boundary code: \b
For example: \bofermod\b will find ofermod
And \bofermod*\b will find all inflections of ofermod.

(You'll find Prudentius is glossed "ofermod" when he writes "insolens"!)

Spelling variants will soon be added to the search capabilities. For the moment, the Dictionary of Old English offers an on-line variant search: . Please contact me with any difficulties. Due to the size of the Corpus, I have limited search results to 100 items.

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