+ Prof. Myers and the project featured in news@Northeastern
+ Several papers recently accepted and published (see publication list)
+ Session on wind energy structures organized at Structures Congress 2015 in Portland, OR with paper on performance based evaluation of OWTs
+ Profs. Myers and Arwade and Spencer Hallowell attend Engineering Mechanics Conference at Stanford. (June 2015)
+ Wystan Carswell attends OMAE 2015 to present paper on OWT foundations (May 2015)
+ Prof. Arwade, Kai Wei, and Casey Fontana attend and present at NAWEA 2015 (June 2015)
+ Prof. Arwade presents research at Virginia Tech. Dept. of Civil Engineering (June 2015) 

+ News archive

This website describes the research being conducted at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst on the risk posed to offshore wind turbines (OWTs) by hurricanes off the Atlantic coast of the United States.  The work is funded by the US National Science Foundation for 2012-2015 and this site will be used to report project progress.

Project objectives
1.     A hurricane hazard model for offshore wind turbines.
2.     Assessment of OWT resilience to hurricanes.
3.     Methods for treating interactions between the turbines composing a wind farm
4.   Development and characterization of novel design details that improve the reliability of OWT support structures. 

Overall research framework (core research tasks in red). The research objective is the development of a risk and performance-based design framework for OWT support structures.  Significant ancillary research tasks treat the interactions and spatial correlations in wind farms, and attempt to improve current OWT support structure designs for increased robustness. Industry collaboration with AIR Worldwide, NREL, and LeMessurier Consultants informs the hazard assessment, performance-level selections, OWT modeling, dissemination, and provides an industry-tested platform for evaluating our fragility approaches in wind farm assessment.